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Forum Participation (Read and Acknowledge)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by rbpd5015, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. rbpd5015

    rbpd5015 Guest

    Forum Participation (Read and Acknowledge)

    Ok guys I apologize for all these small little slow down getting going, as we grow as a league we will have these every now and then. Both me and Ro have been in Madden and NCAA leagues for the last few years. I have been a part of Madden since 02, when I worked there as a tester.

    As you might have seen by the post of HackGolfer, he will not let us advance until Colorado and USC fill out the new member apps. You might be asking what is all that crap for. Well this is Tradition Footballs website and we are running of there servers. This all cost money and they are putting it up so they can make the rules.

    We hope as the commish to this league to make this a very big forum driven league. That will not only serve as a site to set games up, but a site to come daily (or hourly like me) to talk about everything within the Gridiron Gladiators League.

    If you are in the league currently and this is not what you expected. Maybe you just wanted to play your game and stay to your self. I recommend two things. You could try it and you will be amazed how much fun it could be. Or you could resign and we can try and fill you slot early in the year.


    We appreciate ownership like this and it is the only way a league will survive long term. So I tell you guys hang in there WE are not going anywhere. If we loose a few guys don't worry we will rebound and fill there slots. By the end of this season people will be banging down the door wanting to get in this league.

    So Please just reply to this thread so I know you are good to go after reading that tremendously long dissertation.

  2. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    no problem....understandable
  3. Bamaboiking

    Bamaboiking Walk On

    Jul 6, 2009
    of course i read it, im always here :p, and side note, Some user only posted once and that was it to get a team are they even around?
  4. jca312

    jca312 Walk On

    Jul 23, 2009
    Hey, what's up guys, I'm here anxiously waiting to get our season underway. Good luck to all.
  5. rbpd5015

    rbpd5015 Guest

    Good luck JCA312, Sorry I gave you a bye week 1 I know that sucks!!! We are trying to get to week 2.
  6. indywizzard

    indywizzard Guest

    I'm good.

    I was all amped to get started and found out I had a bye Week 1...
  7. I'm good to go.. got my recruiting and my game done, just been practicing away! Let's get things rolling!

  8. ksu101

    ksu101 Guest

    Sounds good to me
  9. Only got the ASU/Colorado game left! :)

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