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Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Diddy81, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Diddy81

    Diddy81 Walk On

    Jul 11, 2009

    Free Agency will open TONIGHT AT 9:00 P.M. once everyone has played we will do it the same as TBL email offers to sdleague10@gmail.com.

    Trades must be approved by me submit them here and i wil post if it is approved.


    Trades are a big part in any good league. Freedom to make decisions about who to trade and what value challenges coaches in different ways. I don't want to stand in the middle of making deals for your squad, but we also have to watch and defend those who may not fully understand what value to get for that pick or player.

    So all trades made will be approved as long as both parties post the trade and accept it on the forums. All trades will be reviewed.

    If a trade is suspect, both parties will be informed directly and I will be evaluating what needs to be done to make the trade "fair."

    If a trade is rejected, both parties will be notified and explained why the trade is unacceptable.

    If changes are made, then the trade can go through.

    Trade Limits

    Each team in the TBL will be held to 4 trades per season and will be allowed up to 4 players per trade. This will reset after every season.

    Free Agent Negotiation Bidding System

    Every team can be in talks with no more than three (3) Free Agents at any giving time period. The following process explains how to properly negotiate with a Free Agent and how the bidding process will go.

    Go to the Waiver Wire Forum and post a thread as follows: (If a thread already exists skip this step)

    Thread Title:
    Free Agent's Name - Position

    Next, inside the thread, post that you are in talks with this player such as

    " LA Dodgers are in talks with this player"

    You are then to email salary offer for that FA to sdleague10@gmail.com. Offers can be any amount that is at least equal to that players salary.


    SP - John Smoltz

    "LA Dodgers are in talks with this player"

    A player will only be open for negotiation 24 hours after the FIRST INITIAL offer was placed on that player. Once the initial 24 hr negotiation period is over only the owners which have placed an offer will be eligible to win that player. If an owner does not send in a bid,he will be force bid the minimum amount BUT the offer on this player will still be considered active until player is awarded. If only one (1) owner has placed a claim,the player is awarded to that team for the minimum starting salary. ONLY ONE (1) offer is to be sent per player in this stage.

    Once 24hr claiming period is up, a few things will happen. For bidding involving 2 or 3 owners, the highest offer will win the player. If tied, owners will have the option of sending in another offer. For negotiation involving four (4) or more owners, the top three (3) offers will be asked to submit new offers and the highest offer of those three will win the player. If tied, just those owners will have the option of sending in another offer.

    Regarding Negotiations:

    Each team can have a MAXIMUM of three (3) players they are negotiating with at any one given time. A offer is considered active UNTIL one of the following happens to the claimed player: (a) Player is awarded to a team. (b)An owner's highest offer was beat by another team.

    A team can sign as many Free Agents as they see necessary but cannot have more than 3 active negotiations placed at any one time.

    If an owner exceeds his 3 maximum active negotiations all negotiations will be considered null and void.

    Step by step:
    1. Free agentcy is opened. 2. You see a player. 3. You check to make sure that player was not involved in a trade or negotiation 4. If the player is a free agent you go to the waiver wire 5. If there is NO thread opened on the board, then you must start one. 5B. The title must list POSITION FIRST, then PLAYERS NAME. In the body you must list your team name and that you are negotiating with the player. EX: RF - Elijah Dukes - body would say: LA Dodgers in talks with this player. 5C. If there IS A THREAD on the player, and that thread is still OPEN (all thread close after 24 hours of initial offer is placed) then you may place your offer on that player by replying to the body with your team name and what tag you are in talks with that player. 6. After placing an offer on the player you then must send an email to the following email account: sdleague10@gmail.com The email must state the following EXACTLY:

    Subject: SP - John Smoltz
    Body: LA Dodgers offer 8M

    7. After sending your offer you are then done and must wait 24 hours from the time the thread was opened on the player. 8. If more than 3 teams placed a tag on the player, then the bid will be updated with the top 3 teams (in no order) who are still in the bidding. Teams then have 24 hours from that post to place a 2nd bid IF THEY CHOOSE TO DO SO. 24 hours after that the winning offer will be announced and the player can be signed. 9. If 3 or less teams place a bid on a player, then the 2nd 24 hour period will be skipped and the top offer will be the winner. 10. After you have won or not won the player, you will receive your negotiation back and may place that on another player the moment the negotiation period is over or you are out of the bidding. 11. YOU MAY NOT RETRACT ANY OFFERS. Once a offer is sent, it is final.
  2. BigSmooth33

    BigSmooth33 Walk On

    Jan 6, 2010
    The Milwaukee Brewers are in talks with two SP's:

    1) Pedro Martinez
    2) John Smoltz

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