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Free Agent Draft order

Discussion in '1st and 10' started by dablakpope, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. dablakpope

    dablakpope Walk On

    Jul 23, 2010
    We will be having a free agent draft after the CFM has been started. The draft order will be by the teams record in real life, worst record picking first. The draft will be for 2 rounds. Every team will be given a time at which their pick is due. If your pick is missed, you will fall to the bottom of the draft. If you don't have access to groupme of TSO during the day or night, please send a list of players in order of importance to MrWitness36, Mugga or dablakpope. If none of the players you request are available, the next person will pick. After the draft, free agency is 1st come 1st serve basis. The draft will commence at 0800 est. The draft order is as follows:

    1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 0800 am est
    2. Tennessee Titans - 0830 am est
    3. Jacksonville Jaguars - 0900 am est
    4. Oakland Raiders - 930 am est
    5. Washington Redskins - 1000 am est
    6. New York Jets - 1030 am est
    7. Chicago Bears - 1100 am est
    8. Atlanta Falcons - 1130 am est
    9. New York Giants - 1200 pm est
    10. St. Louis Rams - 1230 pm est
    11. Minnesota Vikings - 1300 pm est
    12. Cleveland Browns - 1330 pm est
    13. New Orleans Saints - 200 pm est
    14. Miami Dolphins - 230 pm est
    15. San Francisco 49ers - 300 pm est
    16. Houston Texans - 330 pm est
    17. San Diego Chargers[tie] - 400 pm est
    18. Kansas City Chiefs[tie] - 430 pm est
    19. Buffalo - 500 pm est
    20. Philadelphia Eagles 530 pm est
    21. Cincinnati Bengals 600 pm est
    22. Pittsburgh Steelers 630 pm est
    23. Detroit Lions 700 pm est
    24. Arizona Cardinals 730 pm est
    25. Carolina Panthers 800 pm est
    26. Baltimore Ravens 830 pm est
    27. Dallas Cowboys 900 pm est
    28. Denver Broncos 930 pm est
    29. Indianapolis Colts 1000 pm est
    30. Green Bay Packers 1030 pm est
    31. Seattle Seahawks 1100 pm est
    32. New England Patriots 1130 pm est

    It is our hope that the draft goes faster then the assigned times so we may accomplish both rounds in a timely manner.

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