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Free Agent Signings

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Philstyle3005, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    Figured it'd be nice to have a thread where you could post your teams free agents signings, and also a place to put your key losses. (Unless you really just want to add them, try to keep it to guys signed during the free agent period, not the filler guys we put in a waiver for after the draft unless you just really want to add them).
  2. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011


    DE- Osi Umenyiora 6'3 255-
    Osi comes in from the New York Giants and the Patriots look for him to make an impact immediately. He will start at the defensive end position, opposite side of Chandler Jones, and replacing Ray Edwards who will be a back up for the time being. Osi is a big time End that can get to the QB in a hurry. He has good speed, and great finesse moves that will help him rack up a lot of sacks. He needs to work on getting off the blocks better so he can help stop the run, but overall, the Patriots felt like this was a homerun signing in free agency.
    WR- Randy Moss 6'4 210- Randy Moss leaves the 49ers and comes back to New England to reunite with Tom Brady. Moss is older now, and not the same Randy Moss he was when he left, but still good enough to make an impact. Right now, it looks like he'll be the #2 receiver with Brandon Lloyd on the other side. His speed and Acceleration may not be what it used to be, but he can still catch the ball and make that spectacular play at any moment. He was signed in place of Wes Welker, so he will have some big shoes to fill. Another good signing in free agency, even though it's likely that we'll only have him for one year.
    RT- Sebastian Vollmer 6'8 315- Sebastian was a Patriot last season but couldn't come to an agreement and decided to test free agency. The Pats knew they needed him at right tackle an offered him a contract he couldn't refuse. He'll be back this season to protect Brady again. He's a good run and pass blocker, and with a lot of strength, it's easy to see why the Patriots wanted him back so badly.
    CB- Rashean Mathis 6'1 193 - Rashean is little older, but the Patriots wanted him to come and help their secondary out. Last season, due to injuries, the Patriots played with free agent and back up corner backs for the last part of the season and the playoffs. This year, Rashean will line up opposite of Devin McCourty making it difficult for defenses to throw the ball. Rashean plays good man coverage and great zone coverage, but will need to work on his open field tackling to prevent big plays. The Patriots were the only team to offer him in free agency and feel like they made a steal.

    WR- Wes Welker- Obviously losing Wes Welker was a huge blow to our passing game. He caught everything that came to him. But, he was a smaller guy, not that fast, and couldn't get off the press. The money he wanted, we weren't ready to offer him due to the negative aspects. We felt we would be fine with Branch and Lloyd, and luckily we added Moss to that mix. Welker is a great receiver, just wasn't the right fit for us at the time.

    SS- Patrick Chung- Chung is a guy I wish we could have kept. I offered to resign him then I offered him in free agency but it seems like he wanted different things. We feel like we found a decent guy to replace him but he'll for sure be missed.
  3. TEClemson53

    TEClemson53 Walk On

    Aug 1, 2010


    -- QB Chase Daniel, 70 OVR, 6'0, 225 lbs, 26 Years Old --
    I've always liked this guy. At first I signed him to fill the depth chart and then we got lucky in the draft so I kept Chase and sent Caleb Hanie on his way. Chase will still be 3rd on the chart. Descent arm & descent short/medium accuracy. Definitely a solid back up IMO and he didn't come at a high price.

    -- LT Maurice Hunt, 68 OVR, 6'3", 318 lbs, 26 Years Old --
    He's a back up behind Ryan Clady. I scooped him for depth but he has pretty good blocking attributes. Hopefully he doesn't disappoint me in his limited action.

    -- C Dan Koppen, 77 OVR, 6'3", 296 lbs, 33 Years Old --
    He was on my squad last year and I spent a lot of XP making him block somebody. He didn't like the original contract I offered him during the season that was more then what I just signed him for. He'll be the starter and we'll roll on like he never left

    -- RT Corey Hilliard, 73 OVR, 6'1", 300 lbs, 28 Years Old --
    I'm not sure where he was or who dropped him but he has really solid blocking skills. He needs some improvement in some other areas but he has a lot of potential to me. He'll be behind Orlando Franklin on the chart but with Hilliard's run blocking ability, he could see the field often.

    -- DT Sammie Hill, 82 OVR, 6'4", 329 lbs, 26 Years Old --
    Again, I don't know where this guy was before but who dropped him? He's a young stud. I lost 3 of my DT's from last season to free agency so I had to scramble and find some new ones. I expect a lot from this guy, hopefully he doesn't prove me wrong

    -- DT Pat Sims, 82 OVR, 6'2", 330 lbs, 28 Years Old --
    Depth, he's pretty solid and I got him cheap. I didn't have a lot of depth at DT last season and after losing all my DT's except one, I somehow came on the better end of the deal, at least I hope so.

    -- DT Jason Shirley, 74 OVR, 6'5", 345 lbs, 27 Years Old --
    He's a big ole boy, that's for sure. Just like sims, he was strictly a depth move. He better get his 6'5 hands in the air and bat some shit down when he is on the field though

    -- SS David Bruton, 69 OVR, 6'2", 217 lbs, 26 Years Old --
    I have 3 SS's, why get Bruton you say? He was on my team last year and I offered him some garbage contract and didn't think he would matter. Well he opted to test FA and I got him back much like Koppen. Bruton actually saw the field a lot last season with the injuries to Quinton Carter. He isn't highly rated in any attributes but for some reason he was all over the field and made plays.

    Key Losses
    DT Justin Bannan is about the only guy that left that I didn't want to lose.
    DT Kevin Vickerson, I thought I gave him a pretty good offer

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