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Free Agent / Tag System

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by trutest, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. trutest

    trutest Walk On

    Jul 26, 2009
    Free Agent / Tag System

    After much debate and a ton of hard work done by some, especially HotRod, we have come to the conclusion that for the simplicity and ease of administration we are going to roll with a Age based FA system with tagging system mixed in with it.

    Here's how the system works...

    All players on all teams are considered FA's at the ages of 26-30-33-36.

    Each team will have a total of 5 tags that they can use.

    Tags are -

    1. Permanent
    2. Can only be recovered when player is eligible for FA again based on age or tagged player is traded to another team or player retires.
    3. If tagged player is traded to another team... that team must have a tag availabe to use on incoming player. Player will remained tagged until his FA age period is realized again.

    Free Agent Draft

    There will be two FA drafts... one before the rookie draft and one after. Both will be reverse order drafts based on an average of team overall and overall standings from last season.

    If a player of yours gets drafted, you are allowed to pull back one of your other Free Agent that are in the draft.

    Well, that's pretty much it... just remember your tags are PERMANENT and you only get FIVE. Use them wisely.

    The initial pre-season FA draft will by via team overall rating ascending. I will get a draft list up soon.

    Once the season starts, teams are allowed to sign ONE Free Agent a week AFTER they play their game for that week. Pls keep track of your roster moves in the roster management section.

    FA Tags are due Week 17!!!
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