**G Units Tradition Football Highlight Reel #1**

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    Oct 8, 2009
    **G Units Tradition Football Highlight Reel #1**

    Happy New Year Fella's

    Hope everyone enjoys the reel. I added my typical flare/flavor to the highlight's. These highlight's come from several PS3 Leagues in TF.

    **FYI there is a few curse words in the first 40 seconds of the clip (for those at work when they watch this)**

    As stated in the credits, I appreciate the guys that got highlight's for me. But I would like more guys the next go around. I am not asking much, just upload your highlight to your EAsportsworld account, send me a PM with your PSN and I will take it from there. Even the XBOX guys are welcome!

    Upload me new ones and I'll pump out another one.....Thanks!

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    Victimization of Baylor. Twice. And once the next morning.


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