Game Summaries: Week 15, Season 3

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    Oct 17, 2009
    Game Summaries: Week 15, Season 3

    Illinois Started out big. Hawthorne takes opening ko for a touchdown. Of course Illinois couldnt hold that lead as they give up a 33yd td pass. Of course Hawthorne says i can do it again and takes that ko for a touchdown. Illinois hold and Green gets 2 rushing td before Charest throws an int for a td. Game was never in doubt and Illini finish the season strong with a 42-17 victory

    Green finished 24 carries 203yds and 3tds

    Green finishes the season with 326 carries 2030yds and 29td. No heisman hopeful for him which is no big deal as he will be back next season for the illini as he is only a sophmore this season. So we will see how he does next season.
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    Nov 2, 2009
    29 tds and 2k yards is crazy man! How's that passing game?

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