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Game Summaries with Highlights & Commentary

Discussion in 'Madden NFL Football' started by Ace847, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Ace847

    Ace847 Walk On

    Jun 15, 2012
    If anyone is interested in learning how to do this see below (I'm guessing people are already doing this in their leagues but if not I hope this helps). Its a cool way to do game summaries more interactive than a write-up and would work for any sports title.

    After the game, just start a 5 minute recording and go through your post-game highlights. Then go to the upload studio to edit. Choose bookend and simply add audio which is very easy to do. Then upload and make sure you click "share with one drive (or something like this)." You will have to create a onedrive account before this (which is free) and then login to the onedrive on your cpu and click to share and it will give you a link like the one I shared below. Hope you enjoy the video and maybe others will start their broadcasting careers along with me.

    Check out the video by going to the below link on the TMFL league page.

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