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Gamecocks stun Bulldogs!

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by LB Fitted, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. LB Fitted

    LB Fitted Walk On

    Jul 17, 2009
    South Carolina 29 Georgia 25

    With a low start to the season and coming off of a loss at Kentucky it looked like South Carolina was down for the count and Georgia would likely have their way with them... but Coach Sheridan doesn't believe in laying down for anybody and South Carolina came out from the jump going hard when Lattimore scored on an 11 yd run to give usc a 7-0 lead. Then in the second qrt Georgia went on a scoring rampage chipping away with a safety followed by 3 fg's all in the 2nd qrt which gave them an 11-7 lead at the half! Then in the 3rd qrt it started to rain hard on the Game Cocks with TD runs from murray and samuel giving the Bulldogs a 25-7 lead into the 4th! Next thing you know.... IT HAPPENED! The game cocks get a td pass to smith from 9 yds out, get a 3 and out, and then on the 1st play they run a play action draw out of shot gun and Shaw finds Moore for a 49 yd td pass to make it just a 4 pt game! Once again USC stops Georgia, and start to drive then get down to a 3rd and 9 when Shaw finds Ace Sanders in the End Zone robbing an int from a Georgia defender and taking the lead with 22 seconds left in the game! Marcus Lattimore got down on his knees thanking god for that amazing play... but Georgia was not finished! They got a couple big plays on rb draws and a couple passes in to get them in position for an interesting hailmary... But Hollowman wasnt having any of that picking it off in the end zone and sealing the win for the Game Cocks beating the #11 Georgia Bulldogs in Columbia!

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