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Games of the Week with Berman and Boomer (Week 3)

Discussion in '4th and Long' started by franzkafka, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. franzkafka

    franzkafka Walk On

    Dec 8, 2012
    Games of the Week

    with Chris Berman (aka the Swami) and Boomer Esiason

    Record so far:
    Swami (1/2 - 50%)
    Boomer (2/2 - 100%)

    Redskins at Bengals

    Redskins 28 Bengals 31
    This one boils down to good old fashioned DEFENSE. Through 2 weeks the Bengals have allowed 230 less yards on defense. That is a WHOLE games worth of yards for some team. Both teams move the ball well, but both rely on the passing game too much. I have a feeling this one will come down to the wire with 2 young and upcoming quarterbacks.

    Redskins 35 Bengals 21
    Gotta disagree with the Swami on this one. I think both these teams are playing well, and I definitely think that defense is going to play a role, but I have a feeling that RGIII is poised for a breakout game, and this is going to be the one. While the Bengals "D" has been beastly the last two games, I think that the mobility of the Redskins' QB (something the Bengals' haven't had to deal with yet) and the receiving combo of Santana Moss and Pierre Garcon are going to come out this week and show us the kind of scoring they're capable of.

    Panthers at Giants

    Panthers 10 Giants 27
    This is a game that has the makings of being a shoot out. Both teams have dynamic offenses and the ability to put up big points. The g-men have more balance in their offense and after the defensive minded TheGreatCV this offseason will be in good position to Bring home the victory. Cam Newton and his supporting cast are coming in to this game very confident, and Look to make their mark. I'm going with the g-men!

    Panthers 28 Giants 21
    Again, I like the mobility of Cam Newton against the Giant's defense. I look back at the Panthers week one performance against the Bucs and I can't help but think that Newton and the boys are coming out with guns blazing. I like the Panther's defense and I think that Newton's coming out to make a statement against New York. I also believe that DeAngelo Williams is due for another big game - I'm predicting well over 100 yards rushing for him in this one, and maybe close to the 150 mark.
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  2. Snozberriez8198

    Snozberriez8198 10 Star Recruit

    Aug 28, 2012
    Any idea on swami and boomers records so far?


    Cowboys - Fish7718
    Redskins - roll2tide
    Giants- TheGreatCV

    Rams - OPEN
    Niners -jay2149 (jay2149) AFC COMMISH
    Seahawks - DashingHEEL
    Cardinals - OPEN

    Bears - yonex4prez
    Lions - Anthrax78 (Anthrax44)
    Packers - BLACKJ414 (Unclefrank414)
    Vikings - allday428 GT (right on tyme)

    Falcons - oneshot24
    Panthers - houdiniHUSKER
    Saints - DirtSouthDan (dirtysouthdan)
    Bucs -OPEN


    Bills- iAdc0ck
    Dolphins - AWinkler02
    Patriots Snozberriez8198 (Snozberriez0198) HEAD COMMISH
    Jets - franzkafka

    Chargers - OPEN
    Chiefs - SmashMouthFB33
    Raiders - Dasher13 GT(beal Clinton)
    Broncos - Jager Bombb

    Ravens - OPEN
    Bengals - SwagKingCole23
    Browns - OPEN
    Steelers - Troy J. (XWarriorMonk) NFC COMMISH

    Texans - Doc Holliday904 (Doc Holliday 9o4) CONTENT DIRECTOR
    Colts - OPEN
    Jags - mrwright GT 5 O
    Titans - OPEN

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