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Games of the Week with Berman and Boomer

Discussion in '4th and Long' started by franzkafka, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. franzkafka

    franzkafka Walk On

    Dec 8, 2012
    Hey all - starting a regular content piece here. Every week (in league time) we'll be picking our "games of the week" and giving our predictions. All the best!

    Games of the Week
    with Chris Berman (aka the Swami) and Boomer Esiason


    The Bears only gave up 110 total yards in week 1, and with defence like that...you don't need to have a stellar offence. Luckily for them, they also Gained 357 yards on offence and ran the ball well with Matt Forte. Not saying the Packers don't have the firepower to come out and win, but with a 12% 3rd down conversion so far, it isn't looking to good compared to the Bears 42%. The Bears will be physical on both sides of the ball, and that will be too much for the Packers to handle.

    • establish and maintain a strong running game to open up the passes down field
    • use Brandon Marshall's size to score in the red zone
    • pressure Rodgers and make him throw it before he is ready

    • use screens to slow down the blitz and use it to your advantage
    • ALWAYS know where your check down options are and use them
    • be patient on offence and protect the ball
    Have to disagree with the Swami on this one. While the Bears were very impressive in week one, I have a feeling we're going to see an energized Packers team this week. I think Aaron Rodgers has the tools to pick apart the Bears defense and when you look at Joe McKnight's surprising week one performance (76 yards on 14 attempts), I have a feeling we're looking at a potential breakout performance this week.

    • spread the ball around on both pass and run plays; you've got the players, use them
    • protect Aaron Rodgers and give him time to throw
    • use Jermichael Finley effectively; he's a dangerous weapon
    • keep scoring! Forte and Cutler are on a tear. Wind them up and let them go!
    • Pressure! Pressure!
    • watch McKnight's speed – he's an underrated back, but he's quick



    LIONS 38 NINERS 28
    The Lions offence is well in sync exploding for 562 total yards on offence compared to the NINERS 236 total yards. The NINERS have a better turn over differential, and will need to keep it that way to have a chance to win this game. The NINERS do have a chance if they can Stop the big play, as all of the Lions 6 TD (3 rushing and 3 passing) all came outside the red zone. The lions are still king of the jungle this week!!!

    • keep the NINERS guessing on the play calling
    • use hurry up offence when NINERS put in rush defence
    • CALVIN JOHNSON......no need to say anything else
    • stop the big play
    • slow the game down on offence to keep Lions offence off the field
    • be patient and use your speed advantage on offence
    LIONS 42 NINERS 21
    The Lions offence was explosive in week one. I don't see the Niners being able to stop them in week two. While the Niners have a number of tools on defence, I think the Lions are going to overwhelm them. Matthew Stafford looks amazing, and with Burress and Johnson playing side by side, the Lions passing attack looks remarkable. Add a potent rushing attack, led by Jahvid Best and I don't think the Niners have what it takes to keep up with the onslaught. In week one, I was underwhelmed by both Kapernick (6/19 for 117 yards) and Smith (5/20 for 64 yards), and the rushing attack, led by Gore, was ineffective (15 attempts for 46 yards). The Niners are not looking like a threat and I think the Lions are going to stomp all over them.

    • don't slow down the pace of the attack; score and keep scoring
    • give Stafford time to find Megatron and Burress and you're gold
    • run safety blitzes and stunts to confuse the Niners o-line and get at the QB
    • protect your QB and give him time to pass
    • establish the run and use the play action pass
    • don't let the Lions control the pace of the game; slow things down and play more clock control

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  2. Anthrax78

    Anthrax78 Walk On

    Aug 7, 2012
    Nice post...hope you're right;)

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