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General FIFA question- Leagues/Clubs

Discussion in 'FIFA' started by cyclonecountry, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. cyclonecountry

    cyclonecountry Walk On

    Jul 7, 2012
    Hi guys, I'm brand new here to TSO. I'm kind of just looking to touch base with you guys that play FIFA and kind of get an idea of how you guys play, be it leagues or clubs.

    I'll give you a little background about myself- I'm a lifelong soccer player (still play Intramural and City League- had the chance to play in Italy for a month before college) now in my 30s, but I'm still a little new to the current editions of FIFA. I think the last version I played seriously was 09. I'm planning on getting FIFA 13 for the 360 this year and I'm looking for some like minded folks to enjoy the game with. Most (actually, probably all) of my friends are not as big of a soccer fan as I am, so I have a tough time convincing them to pick up the game. I'm located on the East Coast (US) so I'm usually around in the evenings EST.

    My GT is cycloneangel (don't laugh, it was part of the original agreement for how I got my 360- wife got to pick my GT)

    But I'm mostly just looking to introduce myself and to get my finger on the pulse of TSO FIFA ;)
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    PIG BOMB Walk On

    May 26, 2011

    great to have you on board!!

    we play clubs [and usually select a night of the week we keep] and usually have enough for two teams - we are experimenting with an A and B team of sorts right now based on skill level and availability

    there are a multitude of leauges and tournaments all year long

    we are huge fans of playing MANUAL - it takes some getting used to if you haven't mastered it already but once you do it's magic!

    consider following these guys so you can see when they post about FIFA [just go to your name upper right menu and scroll down to "people you follow" and type in their names]

    The Richuation
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  3. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010

    Hey man, good to have you here. Let me give you a quick overview of our FIFA leagues here:

    Control Scheme: Manual
    Game Speed: Slow

    This is the biggest aspect of our leagues right off the bat. We play all fixtures and leagues under this control scheme. You may find it difficult at first, but it will start to make sense eventually. This manual/slow setup brings us closer to our goal of SIM style. The manual makes you play the game rather than the CPU shooting, crossing, and passing for you. The slow speed is meant to curb some of the more aggressive play styles.

    League Types and Current Status:

    TFL - Our main league... its a world league with all teams included. You will find Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern, and the rest in this league. The TFL is also based on promotion/relegation. In peak season, we had 2 Premier Leagues with 2 League 1s underneath. The top 4 in each PL would advance to our own Champions League. We have completed Season III a few weeks back and our next season will be after the launch of FIFA13.

    MLS - Pretty self explanatory. We are playing through the MLS using the actual schedule. We are roughly 70% completed here and all teams are taken.

    Cup Events - Throughout the year we will run various one off Cups. The TFL branded TFL Cup, a large knockout style tourney using your TFL team. The Champion's League, which is also based of TFL results. Also, we are currently finishing up the EURO2012.

    So, at the moment, we do not have any openings in our leagues. We are winding down for the FIFA12 play cycle. In the meantime, make sure you register on the waiting list to be alerted of any openings that pop up. MLS would be your best chance at this point. Also, we have an active group that will be available to play friendlies. Check the FRIENDLIES thread to meet some of the guys and get better acquainted with manual controls.

    Hope this helps. Stay tuned for future events.
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  4. cyclonecountry

    cyclonecountry Walk On

    Jul 7, 2012
    Oops, I thought I had responded to this thread already. I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to both of you guys who took the time to bring me up to speed on FIFA in TSO. I've got more than enough information now... I did just recently score a copy of FIFA 12, but it's for the PS3. The 360 is still my console of choice and that's where I will be playing 13. I'll just go ahead and practice using Manual so that way it's not as big a shock when I pick up 13.

    I'm really looking forward to getting to know all you guys and playing with you!
  5. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    If you're really wanting to play clubs on FIFA 12 we have a PS3 team you can join...just send a transfer request to TF United

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