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General Guidelines

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Michael Woodward, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    This was in the National Championship thread from when I posted it after last year. I clear out the National Championship thread so all the National Champions are listed together but I wanted to keep this around for people to glance at when there is an issue.

    Things to not abuse:

    -Counters: If you do not start running a direction before the ball is snapped, the CPU will make your own player run the wrong way and everyone will get sealed for an easy gain so set it up and use it in moderation.
    -Run Heavy Formations: Maryland I, Power I, Ace Jumbo Heavy are all formations that work a bit too effectively. Even if you have 8 in the box and blitz, your guys are almost always all sealed off. Again, use in moderation, not as your main staple in your running game.
    -Hail Marys: AI does not defend the long ball well on this game for users....Hail Marys are usually crappy players last resort to win and if they win by it, it does not say they are the better player, they are just exploiting the crap AI
    -Scrambling preemptively....Meaning before your guys are even in their routes and before you are even pressured regardless of a hole opening up. If a hole keeps opening up and you want to run through it, call a QB draw or blast, don't just run because the AI doesn't react to it like a QB draw. I'm fine if you look and no one is open and there is a huge hole so you run through it....But don't call a pass and then run first. A pass should be pass first. Again, if holes are opening up, call a QB draw.
    -Audibling numerous times at the line or before you even see the offensive or defensive formation....None of us do this on offense but I figured I'd put it here to avoid the issue later on. If you audible several times before you snap it, it messed with the AI and they become mentally handicapped. Also, if you audible before even seeing your opponents formation, why didn't you just pick that play from the beginning? If it works more effectively when you automatically audible to it, it probably means the audible messes up the AI.
    -Sprinting backwards with your QB to drop back faster......Yeah, that's self explanatory and none of us do this but I'm just putting it to be clear.
    -Dropping back 15 yards to make a pass rush obsolete. Self explanatory again. No one does this consistently. A few of you have been caught doing it here and there on accident but are trying to be more conscious of it so its cool.

    That is all I can think of. If anyone can think of anything, let me know.

    OH wait, one more.....This is probably the most important rule, how could I forget.....THERE IS NO SCORING ON ME ALLOWED! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SCORE ON ME OR YOU ARE CHEESY MCCHEESERPANTS! :)

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