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Georgia finally plays complete game, beats Ole Miss

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by makinpropel, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. makinpropel

    makinpropel Go Big Red!

    Mar 5, 2011
    After 4 tumultuous weeks to begin the season, Georgia had to come out firing on all cylinders in week 5 to keep from dropping under .500 again this season.

    The Bulldogs came out pounding the rock, running the triple option, and were able to score after a couple of big runs and 40 yard run for Jeff Jones after a pitch from transfer Justin Seals. 7-0 Bulldogs. Ole Miss then took the next kickoff back to about the 30 yardline. A couple plays later, All-American Kyle Russell jarred the ball loose from RB Marquice Caldwell, and LE Tony Lamb outran everyone 75 yards for the return. 14-0 Georgia.

    Ole Miss and Georgia then traded scores, as Jacob Gray made a great cut back on a 61 yard run and took it to the house against the usually solid against the run Bulldog defense. Georgia then went down the field again, fueled by a deep throw from Seals to David Green, and Richard Bonds went in from 3 yards out. 21-7 in favor of the Bulldogs.

    The Rebels answered with 10 straight points, as Chris Pittman hit a FG from 47 yards out, and Seals threw a pick 6 with not much left in the 2nd quarter. Georgia tried a 2nd time at the 2 minute offense, and on third down Seals looked deep to Green again, and Green went up on the sidelines against double coverage and came down with it around the 15 yard line. Bonds punched it a couple plays later. 28-17 at half.

    The 2nd half came and went with Georgia being able to pound the ball, as they scored the only two touchdowns of the half. One was a 41 yard keep by Seals, the other a 10 yard take to FB Steve Coleman. Ole Miss was able to drive down the field routinely throughout the half, but jumping interceptions from Russell and other harmful breaks for the Rebels hurt them, and Georgia was able to prevail 42-17.

    GG Hellisan , and I highly doubt that if this game was replayed the score would be the same. I think you actually had more yards than I did.

    UGA Stats:
    Seals: 4/8 161 yards, 1 INT
    Seals: 7 Carries, 51 yards, 1 TD
    Jones: 8 Carries, 64 yards, 1 TD
    Coleman: 7 Carries, 64 yards, 1 TD
    Bonds: 7 Carries, 27 yards, 2 TDs
    Green: 3 Catches, 122 yards
    Russel: 5 Tackles, 1 FF, 2 Ints, 1 Sack

    Ole Miss Stats:
    Lee Dahl: 13/25, 256 yards, 3 Ints
    Caldwell: 20 Carries, 86 yards
    Jeff Washington: 4 Catches, 86 yards
    Thomas Reid: 4 Cathces, 68 yards
  2. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009

    You just played a very good game in this one makin... Especially running the option, I will have to change some things up the next time we play because I was very ineffective against it. I felt like if I played disciplined, there was nobody to stop the pitch man wide. Anytime I pursued, it was overpursuit because if I didn't I'd get pancaked and then it was easy yards inside. I think I have to stop playing MLB against it... The only thing I cannot for the life of me figure out is how you come down with every lob you throw up, despite me playing conservative coverage after that last game we played. I'm at a total loss on that one. GG
  3. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    wow option offense...that's good stuff makin...good win too.

    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    Wait a second he's running the option? Fuck.

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