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Georgia wins SEC Title, Will play in NCAA Title Game

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by makinpropel, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. makinpropel

    makinpropel Go Big Red!

    Mar 5, 2011
    Georgia has been having their best season in years behind 3rd year coach makinpropel. One loss though, would diminish the season and send everyone out on a bad tone for the month before the bowl season. The Bulldogs needed a huge win and they got it.

    The game started with Ole Miss taking the ball, and after a first down or two, punted the ball away and Georgia took over from their own 40 yard line. The very first play for Georgia set the tone for the game, as Sophomore C.J. Davis faked the weak iso to Jeff Jones but then turned around and found WR David Green deep, 65 yards through the air for the quick touchdown. 7-0 Bulldogs.

    Following and Ole Miss turnover and Georgia 3 and out, Ole Miss took the ball and had the best drive of any team during that day. QB Brian Huff led the team on a drive of over 15 plays, and at least 3 third down conversions on the drive. Huff routinely hit on plays of over 12 yards on the drive, and was able to pick apart the zone defense and ended up hitting Gavin Fine from 23 yards out on yet another 3rd down to make the score 7-7 as the 1st quarter ended.

    Georgia then had to answer. They were able to move the ball down the field, on runs of Jones and a slip screen to Richard Bonds of 30 yards. Georgia then stalled, but on third down, Davis found Sophomore Brandon Reid on a wheel route and fit the ball behind the corner, but in front of the safety. Reid was able to hold onto the ball after the hit and scored on the play. 14-7 Georgia.

    On the ensuing drive, after a 9 yard run for the Rebels, Huff tried a quick curl route to his WR, but Nick Marshall, who was burned by Ole Miss two seasons ago in the SEC title game, stepped in front of the ball, and took it back to the 1 yard line, where Davis sneaked it in from. 21-7 Bulldogs.

    After a couple punts, Ole Miss was able to put together a nice drive, but could not capitalize with a touchdown, instead with a FG. Both teams tried to score in the final minutes of the 1st half, but neither could take advantage. Ole Miss dropped 2 pick sixes during the Georgia drive, which really hurt their momentum in the game. The score would be 21-10 Dawgs.

    The 2nd half came and went with not much activity. Georgia was able to run the ball fairly well and run down the clock, and were able to hit Leon Anderson on a quick fly route for 44 yards in the third to make the game 28-10. No one would score from then on out, as Ole Miss could not get in the endzone, and the Bulldogs were able to run the clock down during drives. Georgia would end up winning the title 28-10.

    Great game Hellisan . That is probably the best game my defensive line has played all season, I can only imagine how frustrating that was. Also those dropped interceptions turned into points for me. Looking forward top playing you in upcoming seasons, and I will likely take a couple beatings soon.

    Georgia will now play Boise State for the National Championship.

    UGA Stats:
    Davis: 6/10 177 yards, 3 TDs, 1 rushing TD
    Jones: 14 carries, 55 yards
    David Green: 2 Catches, 61 yards, 1 TD
    Georgia had 8 sacks during the game

    Ole Miss Stats:
    Huff: 17/27 281 yards, 1 TD, 2 Ints
    Jeff Washington: 6 Catches, 101 yards
    Gavin Fine: 4 Catches, 67 yards, 1 TD
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  2. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Georgia played a great game and we just didn't catch some breaks that we would have needed to keep the game close and give you a run at the end. Of particular frustration was the play where I was MLB and your TE was in the flat and it looked like you sort of second guessed whether to throw it to him and the result was sort of a lob over there... I came over and made the interception and took it to the house! (no... really, he just dropped it). I honestly don't know how you drop a ball like that, it was just floating to me.

    It seems that half the battle this year is monitoring how your team is playing and trying to counter the bad things... For instance, in this game, my team was constantly ripping at the ball despite the fact I never (EVER) use that aggressive strip setting... So I went to conservative. By the same token they were constantly getting beat over the top, I never turned pass coverage to conservative like I probably should have.

    I've pretty much decided that Bryan Huff may not be the starter at QB next year. He is only a sophomore but he has real problems with accuracy, even though his accuracy is 91. He again missed some throws, like that hitch route that was 5 yards inside... and picked/returned to the 2 yard line.

    I love my TE... Even in a game where nothing is going right he is the one guy i seem to be able to count on to get him the ball and he gets me some first downs.

    Anyway... Even if a few more things had gone our way I don't think we could have beaten UGA today, we just got destroyed in the trenches. Couldn't run or pass protect.

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