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Get to know ya

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by DC, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    .i know we have alot of new faces around here and guys who hvent been around the whole time so i thought to get a little familiarity would be good for the group!


  2. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    Name: Derek Coates
    Age:20 ...21 in march
    Location: Searcy, Arkansas
    favorite team: Arkansas

    Im a 20 year old guy who works construction 3 days a week while im in college. ill be going full time at work soon and dropping school pursuing a job with a gas company making 90,000 a year. My dad works for them so i have an inside track to employment hopefully. lol

    I live and breath sports, i played football in highschool at Middle linebacker. now this game is my substitute lol. I bleed Arkansas Razorback Cardinal red! Ive grown up loving them and watch every game and go to alot of them! I have loved these last 3 years, watching the program rise up to national prominence again!

    I play mainly NCAA and Call of duty. but occasionally ill play an assasins creed or something along those lines.

    Glad to be here and i hope you guys are too!
  3. ckamm1

    ckamm1 Walk On

    Aug 15, 2010
    - Collin, Age 23
    - I live in Hoboken, NJ and work for an advertising firm in NYC
    - I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2009 and played on the basketball team there
    - I root for Miami because my brother used to be a grad assistant there, but I am far from a die hard. Thank god Randy Shannon is gone. The only team I really passionately follow is the NY Knicks.
  4. titangator

    titangator Walk On

    Sep 30, 2010
    Jeff, age 22

    I am from Jackson, TN... currently live in Murfreesboro, TN while I attend Middle Tennessee State University. Have 3 semesters(hopefully) left until graduation...

    Love sports...

    as far as sports go, my biggest love is the University of Florida... Not a bandwagon fan, like many ppl would jump to the conclusion of since I am from Tennessee, when i was 7 or 8 all my friends and their families were Tennessee fans, and for whatever reason, I could not stand the University of Tennessee... HATED it, and still do to this day... but anyways, all of them hated florida, so i was like well i hate yall, yall hate florida...hmmm, now i like florida lol and have sine that day... Steve Spurrier played a role in it too, that man is a genius, love his personality and everything... as bad as i hated seeing him beat my gators a couple weekends ago and keep us from going to Atlanta... i love seeing the ol ball coach back in his second home, the georgia dome.

    I also like the Florida basketball team, baseball team, etc... lol

    Then i like the Titans, the STL Cardinals, memphis Grizzlies, Nashville Predators
  5. jhujay09

    jhujay09 Walk On

    Oct 31, 2010
    Chris, age 24

    I live and work in New York City as an accountant.

    I went to college with ckamm1 and graduated with him in 2009 and also played basektball. I only ended up playing for 2 years, while ckamm led the team to a conference championship. I was the leader of the student section though!

    My favorite sports teams are: NY Jets, NY Knicks, NY Mets

    I dont know if I have a favorite college football team. In the northeast we dont really do college football, so I never grew up with an allegience to a school. I follow the SEC and to a lesser extent the Big 12. I like to play the college lines, so that keeps me plenty involved in the games.
  6. MZizzle2

    MZizzle2 Fresh Ta Def

    Jul 13, 2010
    Name: Max
    Age: 18

    I'm a high school senior having a good time and waiting to hear from colleges. I am a huge UNC basketball fan and bleed powder blue. Hopefully I can go to college there, but we'll see. As far as other sports, I love pretty much everything. I play soccer and was the captain of my high school team and an All-County midfielder this year. I do not really have a favorite college football team, but I somewhat root for Michigan. Whatever college I end up at will probably be the team I root for.

    Other sports teams I root for are the Packers, Lakers, and Manchester United.

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