Giants(23) v Vikings(17)

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    Giants(23) v Vikings(17)

    A 57 yard TD strike from Manning to rookie Taurean Barclay puts NY up 7-0. Tynes adds 3 more to make it 10. Longwell makes a FG, 10-3. Pennington hits Berrian before half from 12 yards out. 10-10

    Manning and Barclay hook up again, this time from 10 yards out. Tynes gets a 2nd FG, 20-10 Giants. Pennington and Berrian combine for another TD, 20-17. Tynes makes his 3rd FG of the game, 23-17. Vikings begin a GW drive with over 5 minutes left. AP and Pennington moving the ball well, using all the time. With 0:15 seconds left, AP gets trucked by Kenny Phillips at the goaline, Justin Tuck recovers for the Giants win.

    Great Game Drunken

    NY Stats
    E. Manning: 16-26 241 yards 2 TD
    J. Stewart: 13 carries 58 yards
    S. Smith: 5 rec 104 yards
    T. Barclay: 3 rec 75 yards 2 TD
    E. Reed: 6 tackles 3 INT

    Minnesota Stats
    C. Pennington: 19-35 232 2 TD 3 INT
    A. Peterson: 19 carries 65 yards
    B. Berrian: 4 rec 56 yards 2 TD
    R. Edwards: 3 tackles 2 sacks

    Next game: Giants @ Eagles
    Vikings vs Bills

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