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Giants Storm Back to Shock the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by cry_havoc, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. cry_havoc

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    Jul 27, 2012

    COWBOYS 18 - 22 GIANTS

    Week 1 is always an exciting time. New rosters...new standings...a new plan to get to the promised land and an opportunity to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Week 1's also get turned up a notch when division rivals throw down. Giants and the Cowboys usually results in a shootout. As expected, today was no different.

    From the start, it looked as if the Cowboys would run through this game. Everything went there way early. The DLine of the Boys just abused the Giants front, forcing 3rd and longs throughout the first half due to an array of sacks. A total of 6 by the Cowboys defensive line on the day; 3 coming from Navon Florence. A TD, an interception, sacks and a safety resulted in the Giants going into the half shutout, down 15-0.

    If it wasnt for the Giants defense, they could've been in a bigger hole. Giants D made a few plays of there own. Holding the Cowboys to FGs instead of TDs. But the 2nd half was literally a new game. Seemed as if someone lit some fire up New Yorks ass. They played a totally different game, fighting and clawing there way to stay in the game. The play of the game that turned the tables and put the Giants on the board was the pick 6 by CB Marshawn Simmons. Simmons read a Dakota Harvin throw and jumped the route taking it back in stylish fashion juking out Cowboys left and right. With that momentum the Giants came storming back. Forcing stops and capitalizing on field position. ODB would find his way into the endzone to bring the Giants within a 2pt conversion to tie the game. A dump pass to Graham tied the game up in the early 4th.

    Boys wouldnt deflate...as they took there next possession right down the field, killing time as they marched. The tough Giants D would bare down and hold them to a FG. Down 18-15 the Giants had a heartbeat. Ben "the Button" Franklin stayed cool and orchestrated a stellar drive as he moved the ball with chunks. With less than 30 seconds remaining and in the back of Franklins mind (6 sacks), he would take the snap...drop back, shed a tackle and throw a seed to WR Ashley deep over the middle on a post for 37yds and the game winning TD. Dramatic fashion, the Giants pulled off a thriller and a much needed team boost.

    Great Game Moe
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