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Gobble gobble...Virginia Tech Hokies

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by riley420, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Gobble gobble...Virginia Tech Hokies

    Beamer ball, shmeamer ball...Coach Riley's in town

    During his press conference earlier this morning, Coach Riley smiled and pretended like he was blocking a punt. It actually looked pretty stupid, but it told a sad story. Frank Beamer and all of his mediocre successes over the last decade are done.

    "I look forward to meeting these kids and winning some games. The ACC is a cupcake compared to the SEC schedule."

    While he talks a big game in interviews, Coach Riley has a tendency to bend but not break...until he throws a heartbreaking interception or two.

    The mood around Blacksburg seems light and refreshed...almost like they're expecting a national championship or two.
  2. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Scary first half. Not so scary second half...Coach Riley still scared

    "We dodged a bullet today," said Coach Riley after his first win as coach of Virginia Tech over Duke, 38-28. "This is definitely a different staff than I'm used to running with, but I think they'll do just fine. Oh, and look...I found a running game."

    This refers to Darren Evans' scampering all over the field, running for 204 yards on 27 carries. The passing game was pretty decent, too, with Tyrod Taylor going 18-32 for 189 yards and 2 TDs. He also added an INT, which was no surprise to the coach.

    The big surprise came with the realization that even if he doesn't appreciate Beamer Ball, it's here to stay. Special teams played a big part in the game, setting up great field position on two seperate 64 yard returns by Dyrell Roberts and Chris Hill. Kicker Justin Meyer was solid as well, going 3-4 with his only miss being from 53 yards.

    The first quarter started out with a strong drive by Duke for a TD which had the coaches shaking their heads on the sideline. By the end of the first, it was 3-14 and the coaches got a little worried. However, the Hokies O ended the first half scoring 11 unanswered points to go into halftime tied at 14.

    After trading TDs to start the second half, the Hokies scored 17 unanswered points to bring the score to 38-21. They would get a couple big stops and an INT to end the game with the final score 38-28.

    "What really scares me is my defense," added Coach Riley. "Nobody wanted to step up and play today. It's not like we played UF or Oklahoma today...Duke should not have 457 yards of total offense. I need to find my playmakers."
  3. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Riley Have fun with the VA Tech Defense......I am giving up loads of passing yards to teams...it is very frustrating.

    I believe Duke had over 300 yds passing......NC State put up 450 yds and 52 points last night!

    The SS and FS Virgil and Chancellor are your 2 studs on Defense. The 2 DE are are ok and Carmicheal is you best CB.....who is meh at best.
  4. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Great news!

    I played some downs as Chancellor and made some big plays, but otherwise...two thumbs down.
  5. Colemanchu

    Colemanchu GOAT SPLITTER

    Feb 23, 2009
    Nice summary Riley. Glad to have you aboard.
  6. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    A Good Day To Be a Hokie!

    Another day, another W...Coach Riley and his Hokies rolled again today, beating Boston College 36-16...and the scoreboard makes it sound a lot closer than it really was.

    The Hokie's running game was on fire early today, with Darren Evans carrying the ball 13 times for 110 yards and 3 TDs in the first half before leaving with a scary toe break. "It was all bent sideways and shit," said Evans, "I'm not even sure how the trainers set it. It looked like a broken Tootsie Roll." Whatever the trainers did, Evans will be ready to run next week when they travel to Atlanta to face the Ramblin' Wreck.

    Redshirt Freshman Ryan Williams filled in nicely in the second half getting 22 touches for another 109 yards. The passing game was OK this week, but it wasn't great. Too many drops have the WRs thinking that they will be running some stadium steps in a few days.

    Coach Riley had this to say about next week's game: "I know it's a user game, and I know that I usually choke in user games, but this is different. It's a great playbook, and I have some great playmakers that will get the job done."

    Coach's defense stepped up today, causing one turnover and holding BC to "only" 341 yards of total offense.
  7. riley420

    riley420 Guest

    Here we go again...​

    The Hokies traveled to Atlanta to take on the Yellow Jackets last night, under high hopes from Coach Riley. Unfortunately, the hopes were too high as the Jackets crushed the birds 42-7.

    A great first half was played by both players, with the only VT points coming after a Big Hit forced fumble TD after a punt and a huge INT in the endzone on GT's first drive. Sadly, the only receiver that decided to show up and catch some passes was the TE.

    "Boykin, if he wasn't a video game character, would be placed in the center of campus wearing a huge sign saying 'Pussy Hands'," said Coach Riley. "He had 5 huge dropped passes that kept us from staying in the game."

    The running game got going way too late, and the passing game was completely ineffective, with Taylor throwing 3 picks and more drops than you can shake a stick at.

    Very disheartening.

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