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Gopher Presser

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Diddy81, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Diddy81

    Diddy81 Walk On

    Jul 11, 2009
    Gopher Presser


    Coach, your team cracked the top 25 and people are really excited about your program, talk about the road to this accomplishment.

    Your RB Pittman seems to have gotten a fresh set of wheels, how important is he to your team?

    Coach is your defensive unit good enough to allow you to compete for the Big 10 title?
  2. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    When I came in, we lacked true "gamebreakers". I set my goals to recruit those types of players to be able to compete with the elite programs in college football. A gem by the name of Jonathan Pittman started things off. A 3* HB from Medina, OH with brilliant speed. It was a domino effect that trickled players to filter in. They saw that they could make a difference at our program. They saw they could start in their 1st or 2nd year whereas they would have to be on the bench for 2-3 years at any other big program. The 1st two years we had sub par records. I believe 9-4 seasons. Last year, we went unnoticed. The loss to Cincinnati threw any chances at a BCS berth down the drain. Yet we rebounded and landed in the top 15. The highest we have been since I've had the reigns.

    Pittman had to regain his composure after last year's average year. Sure, he put up over 1,000 yards but he did not play to his full potential. I believe he was playing like Adrian Peterson. Trying to hit the big run instead of taking what the defense gives him and making the yards. He has reasserted himself as a potential Heisman candidate and looks to terrorize the Big Ten and the rest of the CFB world.

    "Good enough" I don't know. I don't want to put any secrets out there to expose us. I think they will allow us to compete. Could the unit be better, yes. The scary thing is, along with this success, we have risen in the prestige ranks. Going from a 3* school to a 5* school in 4 years. Which allows us to be able to nab some of the richer recruits out there. Take for instance, we have been grabbing 4 & 5* recruits. My first two years, they would have laughed at us. Not anymore. If we can get past Tennessee, look for us to be a serious contender.

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