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GOW : Week 8

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by controllerabuser, Nov 2, 2010.


Who wins this one?

  1. Cal

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  2. ASU

  1. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Week 8 features contender or pretender as the #5 Arizona State Sun Devils head to California Memorial Stadium to prove themselves against the Cal Bears. Lee and Kirk are both on the Sun Devil bandwagon as they both chose ASU to steamroll Cal. Cal has beat 1 user team but fell flat against 3. ASU has only faced 1 user team in Oregon which they beat by 2.​
    Look for ASU to hold Cal under their average points per game in 18.6. ASU has a tough gritty way of playing. Bringing in the #24th total defense. I don't see any match-ups that Cal can take advantage of. Their offense simply doesn't have what it takes to beat ASU's defense.​
    As in any game, if Cal can get some turnovers and force Steven Threet to make bad decisions this one could easily turn but I don't see it happening. ASU rolls in this one to improve to 6-0, 4-0 in conference play.​
    What is your pick?​

  2. nrg_qbz-_-

    nrg_qbz-_- Walk On

    Jul 23, 2010
    I think the game will be close...for a half. ASU's aerial assault will eventually hit paydirt as the Cal defenders start gasping for air. ASU wins 31-17
  3. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
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    Gimme ASu. Cimmy has been doing great

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