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Green overwhelms Georgia

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Nebraska (AP)- The talk of who the best playmaker on Nebraska was a heated one after their national title run. On one hand, you had Trey Smith, a hotshot freshman who took the spot over the highly recruited Aaron Green. The only thing Smith would do is run for 1500+ yards in his 1st two years as a Cornhusker. He scored 40 TD's in that span.

    Meanwhile you have Aaron Green, who made his mark returning kicks and punts. All he has done is take his job seriously and has become one of the best KR/PR's to ever grace the college scene. He has won the best KR award his 1st 3 years and is looking to win it his final year, giving him the award in all 4 years as a collegiate athlete. He has ran for over 1600 yards on kicks alone all 3 years. He has 9 total KR's on his career on kicks. He has 2 punts returned for TD's as well.

    Both have made their marks as playmakers but today as Trey Smith rushed for 102 yards on 17 carries, it was the best KR in the land making his mark on this game. He returned a kick 89 yards for a TD, breaking a tackle on the kick and running the distance then on a punt, dashed across the field for a 63 yard return, out running the Georgia special teams unit. "This kid is unbelievable how he has the vision and more importantly, the leg power to shake these tackles," said Coach Moreecemos.

    Green's mark on this game was just 2 of the big plays Nebraska scored in this game. The 1st half showed a struggle for Nebraska as they squandered opportunities to score TD's with FG's of 22 and 31 yards in the 2nd quarter, which could have bitten Nebraska in the butt in this game. Not to mention, QB Brion Carnes making his 1st career start would throw a pick that set up Georgia's 1st TD of the game.

    Coming out in the 2nd half, Nebraska pounded the rock with Smith and Green. Then when Georgia least expected it, Carnes dropped back and hit Turner in stride as he broke free from press coverage for a 31yd TD score. On Nebraska's next possession, luck struck for them as Carnes saw his big slot WR Dustin Herron open, but a Georgia lineman stuck his paw up and tipped the pass. Luckily, TE Dennis Scott was running a route underneath and he caught the tipped pass, headed upfield and received two big blocks from WR's Herron and Turner as he went 80 yards for paydirt. That TD seemed to hurt Georgia a ton because they were then down by 13, 27-14. Their next drive ended in a pick and the next play, Carnes hit Herron this time as the big 6'4" WR shook a Georgia defender to go 52yds for a TD.

    The defense was especially impressive as they were flying to the football, with 10 tackles total for loss for the Cornhuskers. LB Kevin Rhodes had an unbelievable day, sacking Georgia QB's 3 times and picking off a pass. SS A.J. Richardson picked off two passes himself as they confused and beatdown the Bulldogs offense all game.

    This was really a complete effort and Nebraska tries to continue their good play next week against the Vols.
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