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Gridiron Gladiator conference championship week y1

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by TeXasfight33, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. TeXasfight33

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    Jan 25, 2010
    Gridiron Gladiator conference championship week y1


    Headline: As we roll into conference championship week we have two user that are squaring off for the conference title. Ill give my thaught on each of the title games as well as discuss Oregon State and their Pac 10 dominance.

    Alabama Vs Florida

    These two teams clashed earlier in the season and The Gators got the better of the Tide. It was a close one an Overtime game in fact and the second time around it could easily go in the other direction. This is a rematch of last years championship when Bama put Tebow out and made him cry in his last SEC game. This year with all signs pointing to Mark Ingram in the NFL you know Florida would love to serve him some real nice pie in his Last SEC game. As i dig deeper to find out who will win it all becomes clear to me these teams are basically evenly matched so who ever plays with more emotion and right now to me its Florida, they are hungry they just lost to Florida State for the first time in 8 years and

    Florida State vs Virginia Tech


    Florida state and V Tech have not played this year, but both of these teams are looking strong. FSU is currently on a 11 game win streak and is arguable playing as good as any one right now. They dont win flashy they just win. As for Virginia Tech this year they are 10-2 and have lost to two excellent teams in Utah and USC. This team was my preseason national champion pick and if a couple bounces go their way they are there and probably playing Oregon State for it all. This team has enormous talent in the backfield. The one thing is i just dont know how much of a passing threat Tyrod Taylor is, if he comes out today and slings the ball like he can VT wins this one. But you guys know i dont like picking my own games so yall pick.

    well forgot the poll so just comment saying who u think will win

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