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Gridiron Gladiator game of the week(y1w1)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by TeXasfight33, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. TeXasfight33

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    Jan 25, 2010
    Gridiron Gladiator game of the week(y1w1)



    Game of the week: This week the Girdiron Gladiator game of the week is down in the beautiful town of Gainsville as the #6 Gators get set to take on the #19 Oregon State Beavers in an SEC vs PAC 10 showdown. This game has the potential to have major BCS implications for the 2010 year. Truthfully im really eager to see how these two teams progress on into the rest of the year, i think these two teams a re loaded with talent.Today we will bring you picks from the experts in all of this weeks user math cups. BUt now lets talk about this weeks game of the week.

    Oregon state vs Florida:
    when you take a look at both of these teams you see a great amount of talent all around the field, but neither team has an extablished QB. OSU has sophmore RyanKatz and UF has John Brantley. Look for the QB position to be the key factor for this game and throughout the year! also look for the noise of the Swap to greatly affect Ryan Katz

    Best of luck to Ryan Katz and the rest of the Beavs!

    Selections week one
    1. Celmson vs Oregon: Oregon wins. LaMichael James is just too much to handle and Clemson will a computer for the week since I am on vacation lol.

    2 Georgia vs Virginia Tech: This will be a close one, but I say VT pulls it out. Their running game will be the difference and Tyrod Taylor will make a play at the end of the game for the Hokies that will put them over the top.

    3 Florida State vs Arizona: Florida State wins this one in a high scoring game. Christian Ponder starts his Heisman campaign with a huge day.


    Clemson vs Oregon: I dont see how you can pick against the ducks, Lamiachael James is a horse and dont see how anyone coud stop him. Also Clemson is in a rebuilding mode loosing their star from last year C.J. Spiller. I think the Ducks win but its alot closer than the experts think.

    Gerogia Vs Virgina Tech: I think the beast that is Ryan Williams will explode today against this dawg defense. In my opinion hes the best back in the country not named Mark INgram and he is out to prove it.

    Florida State vs Arizona: Well when you look at the Seminoles there basically unbeatable! just kidding but i think its going to be hard for the Wildcats to keep up with the Seminoles speed. I think the Seminoles take this one but a game decided at half time.

    INterview with nashvilian and his picks later​

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