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Gridiron Gladiator game of the week y1w13

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by TeXasfight33, Aug 21, 2010.


Gators or Noles?

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  1. TeXasfight33

    TeXasfight33 Walk On

    Jan 25, 2010
    Gridiron Gladiator game of the week y1w13

    This week i will be breaking down two games given that they each have possible BCS title implications.

    Florida @ Florida State

    Florida State Seminoles

    Florida State comes in hot, a 10 game win streak to be precise. Both the Offense and defense have been playing huge and coming up with plays. It is safe to say offensively Jermaine Thomas has been the guy for the Noles, he has the single season rushign record now and its not over yet If the 8th ranked noles plan on upsetting the Gators he must have a phenomenal game. Christina Ponder is also key for FSU he has been playing all year to not make mistakes and win the game, so far so good, but he hasnt played a Defense with this speed or athleticism , im interested to see how he does.
    As for defense junior MLB Vince Williams is 5th in the country in tackles, he is the vocal point of that defense, dont expect him to have a great day florida is a spread team and they will stay away from the middle. Im just know receving news from coach Jimbo Fisher that we should expect Jeff Luc the freshmen MlB to receive more minuetes than usual the coaches think his speed will really help Florida State. If Florida State wants to win this one there gonna have to go win it and not be so passive.


    Florida Gators​

    Offensivly Florida has the best athlete in the nation with Jeff Demps. Demps is currently 2nd in the hesimen race and may pull of the upset over taylor potts. Demps is what makes this FSU team go round if he plays bad they lose when he plays good they win. If FSU can find a way to slow him down they might be able to win. The gator defense has been rock solid all year dont expect a let up against FSU.

    Final Evaluation

    On paper these teams are evenly matchec it will come down to the turover batle. But you guys can decide this one.

    Oregon State @ Stanford

    Game of the week: offensivly these two teams are very differnt. the Cardinal like to throw it around where the beavers run it alot, should be interestinf to see how it turns our. This is the Pac 10 championship game they winner is automatically the champ of the pac 10 not only the pac 10 but the winner has an inside track to the crystal.

    Stanford Cardinal


    Stanford is a pass heavy team with Andrew luck, and in my opinion the best pocket passer in college football. But make no mistake this team can run the ball too they have a 1000 yards rusher in Jeremy Stewart. Stanford may have one of the best offensses in the nations. There offense is great but this year their D is even better right now they are ranked 8th in the country and they force tunrovers.Stanfords 3 linebackers combine have over 140 tackles together. Jaquizz rogers better watch out for these boys.

    Oregon State​


    The beavers are the 4th raters rushing team and the 119 passing team. That is something that worries me about this team what will they do when someone is able to contain jaquizz rogers? well so far no one has so they havent run into that problem. The one thing you have to give Kats credit for is he hasnt thrown many INT's this year wich is all you can aks of a young guy really. This team is much like Florida with Demps but times 2 if Rogers cant get going theyll loose if he gets free theyll win. But Oregon State has something better than Jaquiizz Rogers its called Defense. The best D in the Nation By far this is like Usian Bolt at a 7th grade track meet. They are first in every margin by a comfy amount no team has been able to score more than 10 points on them! this D just may tear apart young Andrew Luck today.

    Final Evaluation

    BEAVERS!BEAVERS!BEAVERS! their defense is just too good! I think this will be a defensive grudge match until the third quarter Rogers will break one and they will be able to hold on from there.


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