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Gridiron Gladiator Game of the week. (y1w2)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by TeXasfight33, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. TeXasfight33

    TeXasfight33 Walk On

    Jan 25, 2010
    Gridiron Gladiator Game of the week. (y1w2)

    USC vs Virginia Tech


    Today We are going to Blacksburg Virginia where the Hokies and coach Twinky get set to face USC and coach Ken. Last week USC played the rainbow warriors and absolutely took them apart 65-14, Barkley showed some real signs of maturing last week, but then again it was Hawaii. His real test starts now. Each of these teams are fighting for their last and USC is hungry, USC feels they are alot better than their number 12 ranking. The question doesnt remain with the Trojan Offense but their D can they stop the dangerous duo of Williams and Evans? who knows?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here are my predictions this week:

    Arizona@Texas: Im going with coach MG and the wildcats, their offense showed much promise and talent last week against the Seimnoles. Foes has a big game in a close win against the longhorns.
    Arizona Wildcats
    LSU@Vanderbilt:Coach Goat has a very young, very talneted, very fast team in LSU. This week they play a less talented team in Vandy, i think the Tigers dismantle the commodores.
    LSU Tigers
    Clemson@Alabama: Its weird for Bama to loose once much less twice, i think Ingram will have a huge day here today and lead the Tide to a close victory over the Tigers.
    Alabama Crimson Tide

    Oregon@Tennesse:Oregon didnt play up to form last week in their coaches absent, but he is back now and i think Oregon will be the Vols fairy easily this week.
    Oregon DUcks

    Georgia@South Carolina: Coach Btown suffered a set back last week against a very good VT team but this team has too much talent to loose to South Carolina. Look for AJ Green to have a monster of a game.
    Georgia Bulldogs

    Florida State@ Oklahoma: FSU comes out of week 1 with a heart breaking lose in OT to the Arizona Widcats, and what do they find? Landry Jones and the Sooners. Things wont be easy for the Seminoles i think they loose another heart breaker.
    Oklahoma Sonners

    Miami@Akron: This Akron team looks dangerous im goin with the Zips!
    YEAH RIGHT! Miami has this one in the bag..blowout
    Miami Hurricanes

    USF@Florida: USF is in a down year and the Gators are fueled after a lose. John Brantely will have a monster game in torching the Bulls
    Florida Gators

    Virgina Tech @ USC: Honestly its gonna be hard for USC defense to stop this amazing arsenal of offense in the Hokies.
    But the game will be really close in the end. Look for it to come down to fourth quarter magic.
    Virgina Tech Hokies


    Arizona vs Texas-Texas wins by two scores in a high scoring battle. Texas's true talent advantage will show in the end.

    LSU vs vandy-LSU wins easily. Way to much talent on both sides of the ball for Vandy to handle.

    USC vs VT-Virginia Tech wins this one in a close, hard fought game. Ryan Williams has a big game and leads the Hokies to victory.

    Clemson vs Bama- Bama wins this one by two scores. Clemson is playing without their user this week and that will hand Bama a nice win.

    Oregon vs Tennesse- Oregon wins this one big. LaMichael James rushes for almost 200 yards and starts gaining some buzz in the Heisman race.

    FSU Vs OU- Florida State pulls a mini upset here. Christian Ponder just has too much for the Sooner defense.

    Miami Vs Akron-Miami makes a mockery of Akron. Way too much talent all over the board.

    USF Florida-The Gators win big. Brantley has a big day in the process as does Demps.

    What will it take for VT to beat USC? The Hokies have to control the clock with their dominate running game and get pressure on the quarterback.

    Who will be todays x factor? The x-factor will be Ryan Williams. If he can rush for 100 yards or more than the Hokies win the game.

    Wich one of these teams will end the season with a better record? I think the Hokies run the table so I have to say Virginia Tech ends up with a better record than USC.

    Interview with the Twinky

    Recently had a chance to talk to the number 4 ranked team in the countrys head ball coach, Twinky34

    What would bringing a national championship do for your program? Take it to the next level improve the recruiting and get the boosters off my butt.

    How much success depends on Ryan Williams legs? Its not a one man show. But Williams helps but Evans is just as good everybody forget about him since he was hurt all of last year. Our success depends on the offense line and Tyrod Taylor. Our defense is rebuilding well not ready the defense just reloads.

    Will you let tyrod taylor be a game manager or a game winner?Tyrod will be the man this year he will run the offense. He will be both but mainly a winner. If we are to be in the national Championship it will be because of Tyrod's decision making.

    Hows the recruitng class shaping up so far? Well we are looking good right now with the commitments from two 4 stars Robinson, Derrick QB and Broussard, George ATH and we are in the running for a few more, but dont want to discuss at this point

    Who is your toughest conference opponent? The U

    Who is your favorite to win the hesimen this year?As of right now i am going with Texas Tech QB Taylor Potts he got more passing yards than some will have all year with 709

    Who will you rely on to carry the load for the defense? All America CB co Capt. Rashad Carmichael #21 will be the main guy.

    Prediction for 2010? No answer takin it one game at a time.
  2. MG

    MG Watching Folks Swim

    Jul 21, 2010
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    great stuff, USC-VT is going to be great. If Tyrod Taylor can get it going I really think the Hokies pull it out.
  3. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    O NO!!!

    ZIPS WON!!!

    Not I spanked 40 something to 10
  4. TeXasfight33

    TeXasfight33 Walk On

    Jan 25, 2010
    haha yeah expected that.Also put in interview with VT

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