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Gridiron Gladiator game of the week y1w6

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by TeXasfight33, Aug 9, 2010.


who will win Miami v FSU?

  1. Miami

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  2. Florida State

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  1. TeXasfight33

    TeXasfight33 Walk On

    Jan 25, 2010
    Gridiron Gladiator game of the week y1w6

    Florida State Vs Miami!

    Game of the week. Miami is comin off a lose to the Clemson Tigers, and Florida State is comin of a big win against rival Virginia. This game could be who plays in the ACC final later on in the year if both teams finish well. As you know Florida State hates Miami and they hate us thats they way it goes but this year the Seminoles are seeking some revenge. As you know coach MG of the canes was the coach of the Arizona Wildacts during week one when the Wildcats beat the Noles in a heartbreaking OT lose. I dont have to speel it out the Noles want to win!


    Utah @ VT: This Utes team is really impresive but i just dont think they have the fire power to stay with the Hokies for 4 quarters.
    Virgina Tech

    Oregon @ Washington state: Oregon is 2-2 wich is a bit of a suprise, but they are still an elite team. This washington state team isnt very good the Ducks take care of buisness today!
    Oregon Ducks

    Stanford @ USC: this Stanford team has had the Trojans number the past few years and i dont expect it to stop. Andrew luck and the cardinal are lighting up the scoreboard and i m picking the upset!
    Stanford Cardinal

    Tennesse @ Georgia: Geogia is looking alot better than what everyone thaught theyd be, and The vols are rebuilding this year.
    Georgia Bulldogs

    LSU @ Florida: Florida is comin off a huge win against bama and is really looking strong, i got the gators today.
    Florida Gators

    Clemson @ North carolina: Carolina has been a real disapointment thus far their defense is giving up lots of points, and they were supposudly on of the best D's in the nations. Im takin the Tigers.
    Clemson Tigers

    Oregon State @ Arizona: Oregon State seems to be unstoppable right now, Arizona has shown they can be good trust me. But they are going down hill fast right now.
    Oregon State Beaves

    Now for the game all have been waiting for. im gonna let yall pick but im gonna evaluate both teams.

    To me the game rest in Damien Berrys hands. Starting HB graig cooper is out with a torn shoulder, if Berry can carry the load and carry it well i think Miami wins this one, but i know that Florida State is playing with emotion. That emotion just may kill them.

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