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    Oct 9, 2011
    Just so you know, there is a positive solution currently in the works. Yesterday got a bit heated, but, like always, the guys are stepping up and working things out. There are a number of solutions to numerous issues currently being discussed, and once things are worked out, I'm confident I'll be back.

    And then Easy and I will hug it out and get back to business - I think.

    What I am asking is this - if you have concerns, please let them be known so we can work out a system that can best accommodate you. If there are going to be changes, we don't want anyone left out of the process.

    I think the end result of the conversation will be positive on a number of fronts. There should be good news - we just don't know what it will look like just yet.

    It's an ongoing process, so that's about the best I can do at the moment.
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