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Hard at Work - Waiver Process (23 Jan 2016)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Freakskull, Jan 23, 2016.

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  1. Freakskull

    Freakskull Lobsters are mermaids to scorpions.

    Sep 10, 2014

    This is the waiver process thread. Thanks to Hordan54 (Jordan), waivers are now mostly automated. Submit your claims on this form HERE .

    Please list your team name in the first box. If you submit claims for the wrong team your claims will be disqualified.

    Example: Buffalo Bills

    Please submit your players AND INCLUDE their position. Fail to do so at your own risk. Please be explicit about their position. OL Jake Long makes it difficult to track down a player, especially when they are draftee's down the road in like Season 5. DE isn't as good as RE or LE. Make sense?

    Example: HB Alfred Morris

    You may resubmit this form/your claims multiple times but keep in mind your responses are time-stamped - therefore the last submission counts if you submit the form multiple times.

    You may claim 10 players total. You may submit 4 alternates for each claim.

    Waiver Number: This number represents which claim number to use in case you are going to list alternate claims for the same single Waiver Claim. This allows you to submit multiple players for each Waiver Claim in case you get outbid for a specific position/player you're targeting. The limit to this feature is that you may only submit 4 alternates. That means there will be, at MAX, FOUR 1's, FOUR 2's, FOUR 3's and so on. The selection you make is ONLY for the player named immediately below your selection and as such you'll notice each player is split up into their own section. You will make this choice again for Player 2 and so on.

    Detailed Example:
    Waiver #1
    HB Alfred Morris

    Waiver #1
    HB Eddie Lacy

    Waiver #2
    WR Stevie Johnson

    Waiver #2
    WR Mike Wallace

    Waiver #3
    WR Sammie Coats

    Waiver #4
    WR Jeff Janis

    In this example Waiver Claim #1 is between two players. So hopefully you get Alfred Morris but if not and Alfred Morris is already claimed by someone else, you'll get Eddie Lacy. Waiver Claim #2 is the same, hopefully you get Steve Johnson but if someone else claimed him then hopefully you get Tavon Austin. Waiver Claim #3 is ONLY for Mike Wallace and #4 is ONLY for Jeff Janis. Therefore with this waiver claim example you'll only end up with a MAX of 4 players.

    The waiver selection order is the same as the draft order, least successful team first, all the way to most successful.

    If you have questions please ask!
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