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Hard Knocks Offseason: Scouting

Discussion in 'Game Scheduling' started by BobJr, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
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  2. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    Advance tonight.....Draft tonight

    I can't draft Saturday morning :(
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  3. smace767

    smace767 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2009
    Steelers own the #6 pick, the #38th pick(2nd rd) and 166th pick(5th rd) and thats it in this draft

    stats are a little skewed due to a few auto pilots and a few sims. However the Defense finished 5th overall but mid of the pack vs the run. The offense finished 26th with way too many turnovers. The oline struggled maintaining blocks and controlling the line of scrimmage. Defense struggled getting pressure with 4 man rushes and containing #1 wrs.

    A few key areas they ill look to improve.

    Oline- Get some big mean and nasty lineman.


    Run defenders- could use another playmaker
    Pass defenders- serviceable but another playmaker makes them better

    Even though they were ranked 5th in defense, the run defense was right in the middle of the pack.
    Dline and LBers upgrade to play the run better is an area they are looking to upgrade. Also locking down the passing game and trying to grind out wins 2000 ravens style could be an option.


    Passing game-

    Big Ben was released due to his 18 mil contract and eroding skills. The texans have signed him for about 8 mil less then he would have earned in Pittsburg But with the steelers still owing the bonus Ben still was paid all his money. Landry Jones is learning and has some physical gifts. In a normal draft this wouldnt be an option. But this draft has a few qbs who could be more ready to play and have a higher ceiling than Landry.
    The steelers will evaluate whether the Qb needs an upgrade, The wr corp needs more redzone / possession threats and upgrade the 2nd or 3rd wr slots. Or will a year of growth and a better oline help the passing game improve.


    The steelers only have two picks that will really be able to address these needs. Some Free agent pickups should keep the defense a little better with more secondary speed overall and better coverage ratings.

    With the #6 pick there will be true impact players available. The best players might not be the most needed. I dont want to have a Portland Trailblazer dilemma. Dont need a 2 guard so you grab a big man and pass on Micheal Jordan. But changing a B+ to an A isnt as significant as changing a D to a B i terms of position grades.
    The 38th pick can still yield a very good impact player if the scouting dept gets it right. The two picks must make the team better and provide starters who can impact wins and loses.
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