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Hard4Yards 2012 Dynasty Description

Discussion in 'The Dirty Dozen' started by DirtycashDylan, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009




    Dynasty Description
    For '12, we had decided to create the Ivy League while adding 4 schools (Holy Cross, Bucknell, Georgetown and Howard) to become a 12 team league. However, that proved impossible with the current title so we switched the theme to 'Rivals'. Every returning H4Y member has been paired with his biggest rival in a recruiting area and, usually, in a recognized rivalry game i.e. Kent State and Akron in Ohio. As always, we'll be looking to advance as quickly as possible while maintaining a high level of difficulty on, and off, the field.

    Kent State DirtycashDylan DirtycashDylan LSU 4-3 NCAA 09[/SIZE]
    Akron Nikpin Nikpin Boise State 4-3 NCAA 09[/SIZE]
    Middle Tennessee State Steamer43 Steamer43 Florida State 4-3 NCAA 10[/SIZE]
    Florida International TheCrumbIsHere TheCrumbIsHere Nebraska 4-3 NCAA 11 [/SIZE]
    Memphis Full Moon Fever Full Moon Fever Penn State 4-2-5 NCAA 11[/SIZE]
    New Mexico State Hammerhead1010 Hammerhead1010 Stanford 3-3-5 NCAA 11 [/SIZE]
    San Jose State bl0ndeRedhead bl0ndeRedhead Multiple Multiple NCAA 11 [/SIZE]
    Florida Atlantic John Galt AJ54411 Texas Multiple NCAA 11[/SIZE]
    Eastern Michigan IrishBearcat IrishBearcat NCAA 12[/SIZE]
    New Mexico Oshiomogo Oshiomogo NCAA 12

    Difficulty: All American
    Quarters: 8 minute
    Sliders: TBD. CTH, THA and TAK always take a big hit in this league.

    Position Changes
    We post position changes in it's own thread during the offseason. Position changes outside of the original unit (units being DL, LB, DB, OL, WR, QB, etc) needs to be approved by the Commish. The main factors in determining if a switch is legit are size and speed. (ex. A 6'3 230 lb SS switch to LB is legitimate as long as his speed isn't too high. If that guy has speed on top of size, then he can be just as effective at safety)

    Players leaving
    A player can not be swayed if he made the 1st or 2nd All American team the previous year.

    You're never allowed to have more than 70 players on your roster after offseason recruiting. Several factors go into this and you're responsible for knowing them. If it happens accidentally and you self report it, you may face a small penalty (ex. Loss of 1 schollarship per violation for the following year) but if the violations are discovered by someone else, you'll face a much stiffer penalty.
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