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Harry Stone's Hot Stone League - Season 4 Awards, Part II

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Hot Stone League - Season 4 Awards, Part II


    NFC MVP Race

    1) Kevin Kolb, QB, Philadelphia Eagles (220/398, 4785 yds, 44 TD, 17 INT)
    Its simply amazing that Philadelphia's Coach Vishal has never had an award winner during his three year tenure with the OMFL. That looks to almost assuredly be changed this year as I don't think we have a more clear cut winner than Kolb in the NFC MVP race. His numbers are mind boggling as he is on pace to set OMFL records for passing yards and has a shot to set the passing TD record. All of this comes with Kolb leading the Eagles towards a second consecutive NFC East Division title. Kolb has made the Philadelphia Eagle's offense the most feared in the league and has made the Eagles a serious player for their second consecutive OMFL title.

    2) DeAngelo Williams, HB, Carolina Panthers (1781 rush yds, 446 rec yds, 17 TD)
    The resurgence of the Carolina Panthers is no mystery. It all falls on the broad shoulders of DeAngelo Williams, a fourth year halfback from Memphis. Williams has been spectacular this season and a weapon in the passing game as well as the ground attack. What's more, he's doing it with a mediocre passing game at best. This means teams are able to stack the box against Williams, but so far it hasn't made much difference. Williams should eclipse 2500 yards from scrimmage this year with 20 touchdowns. Those numbers would usually be runaway MVP numbers. . .if it wasn't for the guy at #1.

    3) DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles (56 rec, 1717 yds, 18 TD)
    If Kolb doesn't get Coach Vishal his first award winner, then Jackson may. The speedy receiver has one absolutely ridculous number. . .30.6 yards per reception. And he's done that 56 times this year. There hasn't been anything like this in football history. Jacksonville's Steve Smith, last years award winner, couldn't even come close to that figure. Jackson however faces two problems here. First, his other numbers (receptions, yards, and TDs) are trailing what Smith put up last year as a bench mark for receivers to win this award. Secondly, Kolb is likely to split the Philadelphia vote meaning Jackson's actual chances of winning this award are slim. However this miraculous season deserves all the attention it can get.

    4) Steven Jackson, HB, St. Louis Rams (1430 rush yds, 408 rec yds, 281 car, 20 TD)
    We haven't heard much about Jackson this year because Jones-Drew and Williams have garnered much of the attention. Listen up then people, this guy is MVP material no doubt about it. Already with 1800 yards from scrimmage and 20 TDs, Jackson has been an absolute machine. And by 'machine' I mean a guy who can stay healthy while getting 320+ carries in one year. That's exactly the feat he's doing to accomplish. If there has been one player that is most valuable to his team then it's hard to argue not voting for Jackson.

    5) Reggie Bush, HB, New Orleans Saints (1220 rush yds, 353 rec yds, 23 TD)
    No doubt the surprise entry on this list to many of our readers, but really it shouldn't be. If anything Bush maybe should be higher and in serious contention for the award. With the Saints offense decimated from injury this season, they have managed to stay in contention for a playoff spot for one reason: Reggie Bush. He is pacing Jones-Drew for the most non-passing touchdowns of any OMFLer this season, and he nearly 6 yard per carry average is among the leagues best. Folks, its one thing to put up numbers when your team is healthy and you have your stars around you. But when the house shatters and you're the only one left standing there are very few players in this league who have the talent to carry a team squarely on their shoulders. Bush is proving to be one of these players.


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  2. VishaL

    VishaL OMFL Eagles / PMFL Seahawks

    Oct 8, 2009
    Awesome job Harry stone! (dunlap)

    I would love to win my first award that would be terrific, but all these guys are deserving of an award and I think it will be a close race

    what claven has done with Carolina being the number one seed and deangelo Williams has been beasting it, claven is the surprise and deserving of the owner of the year as well, the rams have a rookie qb so teams are game planning to stop Steven Jackson, but he still has the rams in the playoffs on his back, then there's Reggie bush I think he should be NFC MVP, everything has gone wrong in new Orleans , there's a revolving door at qb, yet Reggie has his team in the playoffs

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