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Harry Stone's Hot Stone League - Season 4 Awards, Part V

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Hot Stone League - Season 4 Awards, Part V


    OMFL MVP Race

    1) Maruice Jones-Drew, HB, Jacksonville Jaguars (2129 rush yds, 375 rec yds, 27 TD)
    We could say everything we said in Part III of our prediction series but that seems a bit redundant. Everybody knows the numbers, the most awe inspiring being that MJD is accounting for more yardage than more than half of the league's quarterbacks. What we didn't mention is that unlike the vast majority of the other leagues halfbacks he is staying healthy. That alone this year deserves some accolades. Look, I cover the Jaguars and I don't usually like to put one of 'my guys' at the top unless the numbers are overwhelming. Well. . .these numbers are overwhelming. Plus, in a 'Most Valuable' race there is little argument that Maurice Jones-Drew is more important to his team than any other player this season. A simply historic individual year for a team that's having a historic year. Jones-Drew should, unless there's a major upset, keep the OMFL MVP award in Jacksonville for the second straight year.

    2) Kevin Kolb, QB, Philadelphia Eagles (220/398, 4785 yds, 44 TD, 17 INT)
    Kolb has shown the OMFL that they really don't miss Peyton Manning at all. In fact Kolb is putting up better numbers than Manning did during last years title run. Kolb will get close to Manning's (Colts) Season 2 record for passing yards and touchdowns, and he is one of the few quarterbacks who has a very positive TD to INT ratio. Without Kolb, the Eagles would not be in the position they are in, and thats back to the playoffs for the fourth straight season. There are two reasons why Kolb isn't at the top of our list. First just the historic nature of MJD's season can't be ignored, even with eye popping numbers from Kolb. Secondly the Eagles have five losses. The Jags none. Kolb will get votes, and deservedly so. But we think he falls up a bit short in this race.

    3) DeAngelo Williams, HB, Carolina Panthers (1781 rush yds, 446 rec yds, 17 TD)
    If there's another player that's as vauable to his team as Jones-Drew is to the Jaguars then its D-Will. This kid is absolutely ferocious and a beast out of the backfield in both the rushing and passing games. Williams has reached 'Superstar' status in the OMFL with this breakout season as he is likely to eclipse 2000 yards rushing and 20 touchdowns. There are only a few backs in league history with those numbers (Jones-Drew, Chris Johnson, Adrian Petersen, and Michael Turner). If Williams doesn't add his name to that list it'll be because he is resting. . .for the playofs. . .as the Panthers should be the NFC's #1 seed. Would that have happened without Williams? Nope. That's why he is a serious candidate for this award.

    4) Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots (241/404, 4270 yds, 34 TD, 30 INT)
    It seems like every season that Brady is in the discussion for league MVP but he comes up a bit short. This season will probably be no exception as although his numbers are very good, and although his team is very very good like usual, he just doesn't have the raw numbers that the frontrunners do. Maybe that's a product of the Patriots system, where they have enough 'stars' on the offensive side of the football that Brady isn't expected to carry the entire load. Bad for your MVP race, but good for New England's Title hopes. If we know Brady and Coach Gaddy, they are less concerned about this award and more about securing their first OMFL Title. Make no mistake though, Brady deserves to be in the conversation of league MVP once again.

    5) Jerome Harrison, HB, Cleveland Browns (298 car, 1503 rush yds, 17 TD)
    Harrison is the perfect candidate to round out our list. He has traditionally been a mid-level player but the right schemes have turned him into one of the most feared backs in the OMFL. As we have talked about here, Most Valuable status to us has a lot more to do with how valuable you are to your team than your raw numbers and undoubtably Harrison is the engine that is driving the Browns towards their first OMFL playoff berth. Will he win this award. . .realistically probably not. But Harrison deserves another chance to shine here in the spotlight for a simply outstanding year. Oh..and Go Cougs!


  2. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    MJD is the clear cut MVP. He has the best numbers on the best team. No argument here, although this is an impressive list of performers.

    Hell of a job with this series Harry Stone!
  3. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    ya. great job all around.:thumbsup::5stars:
  4. sammymitchell25

    sammymitchell25 Walk On

    Oct 12, 2009
    Jerome Harrison numbers are eeerie similar to Ryan Mathews stats, who by the way is candidate for R.O.Y
  5. StevenRhysCann

    StevenRhysCann Arizona Cardinals

    May 7, 2010
    MJD for MVP has a nice ring to it, and nobody can accuse Dunlap of being a homer because his stats are that damn good. Great work.

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