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Harry Stone's "Hot Stone League": Week 6

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, May 26, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Harry Stone's "Hot Stone League": Week 6

    OMFL Hot Stone League - Week 5​


    3 HOT

    1) Saints Defense: Although most of the talk this season has been about the utterly dominating defenses of the Jaguars (13ppg) and Eagles (15ppg), this Saints defense has somehow been nearly as dominating while flying completely under the radar. Perhaps most of the focus has been on young Jack English and superstar wide receiver Devry Henderson, but New Orleans is 4-1 and leading their division because of their D! They held the smashmouth Falcons running game to just 29 yards (29!!!) and only allowed an Atlanta field goal in the process. The Saints are now giving up just 17.8 ppg on the season, number that elevates them to elite status in this league.

    2) Antonio Cromartie, CB (Jaguars):I really wanted to take off all Jaguars from this week's edition, as I'm the Jags hometown beat writer and don't want to seem biased. But Kid Cromartie wouldn't let me do it, as he makes his second consecutive appearance on the Hot List. The leader of the 'Green Machine' defense picked off 3 more passes last week, and also returned a kickoff for a touchdown. That return proved to be the difference in a close game against the Steelers that kept Jacksonville undefeated. Cromartie now leads the league with 8 interceptions through 5 games, and has 4 touchdowns on the season. We'll see if he can keep up this pace for the rest of the season. . .one would think that he'll have to cool down eventually.

    3) Oakand Raiders: This team came out of nowhere the second half of last season and hasn't stopped since. Athough they do have one blemish on their current record (4-1), fans in Oakland have surely forgot about that after a 29-14 dismantling of the Chargers in a divisional showdown. Kurt Warner continued his remarkable swan song with 340 yards and 3 touchdowns on an impressive 23-29 performance. This juggernaut offense is second in the league in scoring with 170 points (34 ppg). They are set up nicely for a good run in the regular season with mediocre and bottom feeding teams dotting their schedule. Pencil in Week 12 as your Raider game of the year, as their rematch against the Chargers may well decide the division.

    3 COLD

    1) Miami Dolphins: There have been some whispers behind the scenes by the new blood in the league questioning Coach T's ability to lead this team. Well this writer has been around long enough to dispell those rumors: This guy CAN coach, there's no doubt about it. The day when he gets a roster that fits his style he will make a serious run at an OMFL Championship. However, those days appear so far away in South Florida. The recent 45-31 defeat at the hands of the Patriots comes the week after the humiliating 41-7 blowout loss to the Bills. You'd be hard pressed to find two worse weeks in Coach T's long career. This team was considered by many a favorite make the playoffs in the tough AFC. With the way teams in the South and West are playing, it may be the second consecutive year the East sends only the Pats to the postseason.

    2) Vince Young, QB (Titans): Remember when the Titans were surging last year in the mid and second half of the season? Do you remember who the quarterback was? We'll it wasn't Vince Young. . .it was Matt Cassell until he broke his jaw in a Week 12 game. Young was forced into action and played adequately, but the lack of threat from the QB position is one reason why this team fizzelled out in the opening round of the playoffs. Last week, Young didn't do anything to calm his detractors as he completed just 16 of 31 passes and had three interceptions in the Titans upset loss to the Bengals. A 1-4 start is nearly death to any AFC team with playoff aspirations. Luckily for the Titans they have experienced remarkable second half runs the past two OMFL seasons. However, if they are going to do it again they may have to give Young the boot, or atleast the bench. Remember, there's one week left until the trade deadline. Things could happen here.

    3) Michael Turner, HB (Falcons): Any time you have a player and owner who are this brash about their running ability, fans and the media expect results week in and week out. I'm sorry Mr. Turner, but 32 yards on 9 attemps isn't MVP material. Not that is all your fault. You only got the ball 9 times! Memo to Coach Shuffman: If you expect to win, especially in big divisional games. . .one way or another you must get your superstar running back more involved. This less than spectacular performance, even by one as talented as Tuner who has MVP aspirations, deserves a spot on our Cold List this week.


    3 Games of the Week

    1) Eagles (4-0) vs. Patriots (5-0): The rumblings around the league the last couple of weeks have been palpable. This was THE game people had circled on their early season caledars. You couldn't ask for a game with more intrigue right now than this one. Let's face it, no matter how you slice it the early season compeition for these clubs have left us wondering just how good they really are. The Patriots strength of schedule is currently near the bottom in the OMFL as their five opponents have a combined 7-16 record. The Eagles aren't much better, also ranking near the bottom a strength of schedule with an opponents record of 6-13 (they've played one less game).

    What does this all mean? It's time to find out how good these teams really are. Turbulent offseasons impacted both clubs, as each lost key pieces of their recent success. However it was the Patriots who were able to add more, with the addition of Julius Peppers and Champ Bailey. The Eagles relied mainly on the draft to find speed to fill voids, and it's their no-names that have been getting it done so far.

    Both teams have explosive offenses, although the Eagles may be a bit more balanced. The defenses are a contrast in styles as New England loves to run a lot of zone-blitz schemes in with their usual man to man. For the Eagles its basically a barage of bump and run man to man, with heavy blitzing by their linebacking corps. So far, not many have been able to solve the Eagles defense but if one team can it may be the dynamic offense the Patriots can throw at you.

    If there is one team that can 'afford' to lose this game more, its the Eagles. Why? Well remember both of these clubs have been known for their playoff failures just as much as their regular season successes. Because the Eagles remaining schedule includes many of the league's top dogs, from a confidence stand point Coach Vishal would have a chance to mend his wounds as his team makes a playoff run and 'prove' himself again down the road. For Coach Gaddy a loss would surely leave himself searching for answers after another loss against the 'big boys'. . .and his schedule only sees a couple of opportunities to redeem himself.

    With that said, I just think the Patriots have too much talent to overcome. I know my columns may begin to sound like that ole' repetative drum beat, but if you look at this Patriots roster and compare it to the Eagles you'd see a wide gap at key positions other than QB where we draw a stalemate. Factor that into the preparation that Coach Gaddy has surely been taking care of this past week, and it will equal a Patriots win.


    2) Chargers (3-1_ vs. Lions (3-2): Take two explosive teams coming off stinging defeats, put them on a field together for four quarters and you are sure to get some fireworks. The margin for error this season for these two teams just shrunk, especially for the Lions as their second loss will have fans in Detriot thinking, "Here we go again!" Atleast the Chargers have that alphabetical 'C' tiebreak that will help them in their playoff push, and they are still technically in the lead in the AFC West even after the loss to the Raiders.

    These are two teams and owners that should be in the playoffs every season. Last year, amazingly, both were at home as Coach Moogle made the midseaon switch to the Motor City and Coach Maij had family issues that limited his time with his team. Now they are both back and you can expect both to be playing in mid-January. I still think that will be the case for whoever loses this game, but if you are Moogle and the Lions, 3 losses this early would start to mount the pressure and that may lead to bad things.


    3) Redskins (2-2) vs. Cowboys (3-1): It's now put up for shut up time for two time defending OMFL Bowl Champion Coach Jeremy. He has taken super stacked teams in Minnesota and Pittsburgh to the promise land. That's not to take away anything from him, as he helped build those rosters into dominant forces they were, and of course success in both Minnessota and Pittsburgh have been tough to come by since his departure. However, he now is dealing with a sub par roster in the Nation's Capital and we have seen mixed results early with two losses to the two 'contenders' on their roster while two wins against middling NFC West teams.

    One of their losses was two these Cowboys in Week 2, in humbing fashion 38-7. Coach Wajomatik has his Cowboys playing defense in the same realm as the Jags, Saints, and Eagles. It's that dominating unit that will carry them to victory again and send the Redskins reeling into the middle part of their season.


    *Harry Stone is a columnist for the Jacksonville Post-Intelligencer and a contributor to the OMFL Blogs*
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    Jul 29, 2009
    awesome write up!! loved it
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    Oct 8, 2009
    As always great write up Dunlap

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