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Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Full Moon Fever, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Full Moon Fever

    Full Moon Fever Champion of Standards

    Jun 27, 2010
    2012 Season

    7-7 - Gentlemen Division Champions

    Opponent W/L Score[/B]
    @ Boston College L 3-34
    UMASS W 59-21
    @ Columbia L 21-35
    @ Princeton L 31-41
    Delaware W 23-20
    Cornell W 27-13
    @ Georgetown W 29-10
    @ Notre Dame L 14-45
    Dartmouth W 44-10
    @ Bucknell W 38-23
    Brown W 27-24
    @ Yale L 34-41*
    @ Pennsylvania L 17-24
    @ Navy L 17-59

    Ivy League First Team Selections

    FS Colton Wallace
    SS Teddy Monroe
    K Skyler Thurston

    Ivy League Second Team Selections

    HB Benjamin Van Buren
    DT Carter Bishop
    DT Tim Grier
    CB Kenneth Anderson
    RET Roger Willingham

    2013 Recruiting Class (#23)
    # Name[/COLOR] Position Caliber Ht Wt Hometown Projected Overall Key Attributes Notes[/B]
    1 Brett Bowers DE :3stars: 6'4 246 Wilkes-Barr, PA 67(+1) 73 STR, 75 PMV, 76 FMV, 75 TCK, B Shedding
    2 Dusty Dotson MLB :3stars: 6'2 216 Bel Air North, MD 65(+3) 78 SPD, 79 STR, 67 TCK Position of need probably won't ever see much PT
    3 Chris Woods G :3stars: 6'3 286 Wilkinsburg, PA 69(+6 Gem) 76 STR, 78 PBK, 76 RBK, 71 Impact The first recruit I felt really good about. He will challenge for playing time and be at least a 3 year starter.
    4 John Sparks G :3stars: 6'4 299 Ardmore, PA 71(+4) 80 STR, 82 PB, 77 RBK, 77 Impact Another solid guard. Sparks and Woods should have nice careers for the Crimson
    5 Trey Lee MLB :3stars: 6'2 238 St. Martin, MS 66(+3) 81 SPD, 89 ACC, 70 TCK, 77 Pursuit Not a star, but an improvement over Dotson. May have to play early but hopefully I can recruit over him next season.
    6 Gary Edwards ATH :3stars: 5'11 188 N. Bethesda, MD 59 B SPD, 88 ACC, 70 BTK, 92 Juke, C Man, 72 Zone A guy that I targeted the first week because he was a 3 star and close to home. Don't know WTF I'm going to do with him. I'd like to have pipelines in the nearby states, and it gets me a step closer to that, I guess. Three weeks after I stopped recruiting him he was an instant commit when I gave him a ten minute call.
    7 Jermaine Brittain WR :3stars: 6'7 226 Dumas, TX 62(+2) 89 SPD, 58 CTH, A Acceleration His best attribute is his height. His speed dropped to 89 upon scouting, and his catching is terrible. If that improves down the line he may see some PT, may not. If his ACC is really that good he may get the ball a handful of times on a jet sweep. We'll see.
    8 Matt Leierer TE :3stars: 6'5 255 Woodfield, SC 66 81 SPD, 91 ACC, 77 CTH, 71 SCTH, 76 RTE, 64/63 PB/RB Should be a solid receiving TE for me. I thought I had him sewn up, then one week I dropped to #2 and he was listed as a soft commit to South Carolina. Three weeks later I overtook them as #1 and just got the commit. Not a stud and I wish his blocking was better, but he's a legit receiving threat and his 91 ACC should help him leave most LB's trying to cover him.
    9 Jacob Edmonds CB :3stars: 6'1 164 Clawson, MI 69(+10 Gem) 87 SPD, 79 Man, 80 Zone When Bl0ndeRedHead stole my other corner, this guy got a lot more important. Not blazing speed but should be a solid cover guy.
    10 Jonathan Moore DT :3stars: 5'11 278 New Brunswick, NJ 61 69 STR, 75 PMV, 71 FMV, 71 Shedding Not a stud but I have 0 returning defensive tackles, so he'll probably get his fair share of PT
    11 Charles Mangum DT :3stars: 6'3 257 Russell, KS 61 70 STR, 70 TKL, C Shedding Eh, I had to take any DT that would give me a look.
    12 David Mills T :3stars: 6'5 286 Corinth, MS 64 77 STR, 75 PBK, 75 RBK My offensive line was terrible and he will probably start at tackle, depending on if I can swipe another kid from OU.
    13 Chris Robertson WR :4stars: 5'11 183 South Cleveland, TN 71 91 SPD, 85 ACC, 78 RTE, 72 CTH Will be my starting slot receiver with the speed to turn a missed tackle into a touchdown.
    14 Steve Miller HB :3stars: 5'11 221 Petaluma, CA 66 (+6 Gem) 94 SPD, 83 ACC, 80 AGI He's fast. And has decent jukes. That's all I got. But after playing last season with an 85 speed HB, I'm excited to get him the ball.
    15 Josh Robbins WR :3stars: 6'1 206 Little Rock, AR 64(-2) 88 SPD, 67 CTH, 79 RTE Nothing special here, but my receiving corps was atrocious. This one may get some PT next year. I'm not going to put the redshirt on him, but it may end up that way depending if the two WR on my board sign or not.
    16 Courtney Hall TE :3stars: 6'3 257 Casa Grande, AZ 63 (+2) 79 SPD, 69 STR, 67 RBK, 67 IBK He's not spectacular, but I wanted him. This gives me two tight ends - a solid receiver in Leierer and a solid blocker in Hall. Had offers from Delaware and North Carolina
    17 Darrell Lowe WR :4stars: 6'3 222 North Gulfport, MS 69(+1) 92 SPD, 69 CTH, 67 Spec 6'3 WR that has 92 speed and pretty good hands. Not going to complain about this one one bit. Should be a 4-year starter along with Chris Robertson.
    18 Cliff Fry QB :4stars: 6'4 202 Seward, NE 67(-3) 71 SPD, 77 THP, 76 THA QB is the one position that I was already somewhat decent at. Regardless of what I promised him, he'll be redshirting, and if he doesn't get recruited over, will be in line to start during his junior year. And I don't feel bad about it because he was a douche in the recruiting process.
    19 Dennis Perez C :3stars: 6'5 313 Coeur d'Alene, ID 61(+1) 78 STR, 73 PBK, 69 RBK, 75 IBK Will redshirt and if he doesn't get recruited over, may start as a RS Soph. This is a kid I recruited at the last minute to be a DT, but the game apparently decides that a C would be just as good of a FS as he would be a DT, so he'll be staying at Center and providing backup duties for likely his entire career here. But hey, he's from Idaho.
    20 Wesley Washington DT :3stars: 6'5 265 Elba, AL 63(-2) 74 STR, 69 PMV, 74 FMV, 77 HIT, 63 TAK Had exactly one returning DT on the roster, so this was a huge priority for me. Unfortunately, this was about the best I could get at the DT position. Will start but hopefully be recruited over soon.
    21 Morgan Kennedy T :3stars: 6'6 305 El Toro, CA 65(-2) 76 STR, 69 PBK, 79 RBK, 73 IBK This kid I started recruiting in the offseason, and I started 900+ points behind his soft verbal to OU. But by week 5 I guess he decided he'd rather come play football than sit and dream of an OU offer. Another earth mover I recruited to move to DT, but he will end up redshirting and may be a serviceable tackle down the road.

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