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HAW Rules & Info

Discussion in 'Hard At Work' started by HoundsOfHowl, Dec 11, 2016.

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  1. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    League Info

    - Xbox One Madden League
    - League Name : Hard At Work
    - League Password : *message commissioners*
    - DaddyLeague Site :
    - Commissioner Team : RaiderRed90 akutozo seranrap7

    Sliders & Settings

    • 72 hour advances (8est AM)
    • Advances may finish early if all user games have been played. User vs CPU will be skipped if all user vs user games have been completed.
    • Quarter/Runoff - 10min Q; 20sec runoff
    • Speed Threshold -
    • Slider Set -

    Coach & Playbook setup

    - Not required to use real name, but no profane names, or unrealistic names.
    - Not required to use teams playbook season 1.
    - No CUSTOM PLAYBOOKS, if caught autoban
    - One teams playbook will be allowed to 3 teams max (first three to declare in PB thread)

    Scheduling & Communication

    - Activivity on Discord is needed to ensure you're in the loop for all game scheduling and timing updates.

    Roster Requirements

    - Must carry 53 players (including FB/P/K)
    - Each team allowed 10 Practice Squad players
    - PS poaching is allowed, but if you poach a player they must be signed to 53 man roster and not moved to your own PS.

    Gameplay Rules - General

    1. No CPU Super Sim. Not once, not ever.
    2. Play respectfully against CPU opponents. Frequent abuse of stat padding for XP against the AI will be punished. 450+ passing yards, 200+ receiving and rushing, 3 or more individual touchdowns should be rare against the CPU.
    3. When winning a game in a blowout, subbing out your star players is considered respectful and expected.
    4. Treat your opponent with respect regardless of what happens in the game. Under no circumstances take you grievances to the chatbox. Turning the chat into a flame war will be considered conduct detrimental to the league and be punished accordingly.
    Gameplay Rules - Offense

    1. Mix up your play calling. Your opponent should never see you call the same pass play back to back.
    2. As a reminder, dropping back out of the pocket before pressure has been established is cheesy. Real QBs don't normally leave the pocket unless they are running for their lives.
    3. Avoid calling multiple hot routes and doing so every pass play. If you have to change that many routes, call a different play.
    4. Avoid calling unrealistic plays and use common sense. Teams aren't running PA on 3rd and 7+. Your play calls should mirror NFL scenarios, not madden scenarios.
    5. The same play should not be called more than 2 to 3 times a game. A real NFL team would not call the same play over and over and neither should you.
    6. Hurry up offense should generally be limited to tight games & within the 2 minute warning.
    7. Avoid quick snapping unless you are in a hurry up offense. It's expected that you'll give the defense 3 to 4 seconds to do whatever they need to do.
    8. When running, calling the same play is more acceptable but consider giving different looks and different formations. Calling the same play back to back is still frowned upon.
    Gameplay Rules - Defense

    1. Always rush at least 3 players. You should never have more than 8 defenders dropped back into coverage. Period.
    2. Continue to mix up your play calling. Your opponent shouldn't see you run the same vanilla Cover 2 play back to back to back to back to... you get it.
    3. Call appropriate plays. If you're in goal line at the 2 yard line, a dime package is not appropriate. These are common sense plays. If you truly aren't sure what to call in certain scenarios, feel free to ask a veteran player or commish.
    4. Do not excessively blitz. Even the most blitz happy NFL teams blitz about 45% of the time - at most. If you're calling blitz 80% of the time there is a problem. The NFL average hovers around 25 to 30, for perspective.

    Trade Rules

    - Trade Committee to contact are : RaiderRed90 HoundsOfHowl akutozo seranrap7
    - All trades need a majority approval
    - All trades involving any player must go through TC
    - Trades involving a 1st or 2nd round draft picks must be submitted to TC (meaning if you're trading a 3rd round pick for 3rd next season, no TC required)
    - When submitting trade please include the following, Players name, age, contract, overall.

    The Trade Committee will look for the following when deciding trades :

    - Players current contract and age (Rookies & Rookie deals will be looked at by basis)
    - Equality in trade (Teams can overpay, but there shouldn't be highway robbery going on)
    - Teams integrity

    Free Agency Rules

    - Post draft FA will have a waiver order posted before anyone can be signed
    - FA in season is first come first serve

    Resigning Rules

    - 85 overall + can sign 5 year MAX deal
    - 84 overall and below are only to be signed 4 year MAX deal
    - If a player request 6 years, you must submit a picture to Commish team
    - Players signed for only 1 year can be signed for any amount under 25 million per year. (this is used mainly for offseason bidding wars)
    - You are not allowed to Cut a player then resign them in same season

    Position Changes

    - Players moving from Left to Right are eligible all season
    - Please use this guide for determining if your player is eligible for position change. If your specific change is not listed, please reach out to the commish team.


    Users intentionally and frequently breaking the rules will be subject to the following :

    - First Offense : Warning
    - Second Offense : Suspension of player
    - Third Offense : 1 game suspension
    - Final Offense : 3 game suspension
    - Ban

    Other Rules

    - No Changing Names of Players
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