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HaW16: Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Keller, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    I figure since we are kind of at a lull and people may want to talk about their plans for their new team or recap last year that this would be a good idea to give people the opportunity to talk about their old team a little bit plus new teams and what their plans are.

    The Buffalo Bills

    The HaW16 Bills look a lot different on paper but really, not much is changing. Coach Keller is returning after a very successful run in HaW15. In 7 seasons the Bills reached the post season in all but season 7. Under the direction of Coach Keller the Bills built around their star studded defensive front, finishing each season as one of the best defenses if not the the #1 defense statistically in scoring, yardage, sacks, turnovers you name it. Over the course of the 7 year cycle you'd be hard pressed to find a better defense than the one ran by Coach Keller and a lot of that can be contributed to the talent he had there both to start with and the talent that was added over time and developed.


    Offense was a different story... on offense it was always..... just enough. Until it wasn't. In high scoring playoff games the Bills continually found themselves overmatched leaving to their only Superbowl winning season in Season 4 when rival Patriots were without their star Quarterback. There were bright spots like the development of EJ Manuel and Sammy Watkins. Bryce Brown's emergence for awhile. Lets not forget the Bills offense won games by staying on the field, converting first downs, chewing clock, and keeping the defense rested. BUT with the additions made this offseason however, perhaps the Bills have the firepower now to put up serious points too.





    Lets recap some of the great talent that was scouted, drafted and developed by Coach Keller during his tenure.

    ROLB Bobby Cameron
    HB Bret Sutton
    WR LaDarius Farris
    RE Rahmon Pope

    Lets talk more generally position by position about what Coach K's plans might be

    QB - Ej Manuel will be given a shot but we may bring QB Brandon Cobb along to the competition as well. Don't rule out the option of trading for an established QB either since this roster is loaded to win sooner rather than later.

    FB - Jerome Felton paving the way for LeSean? Lock it up.

    HB - We may decide to carry 4 backs with all the talent here. LeSean is unquestionably the star but we like Karlos Williams and Bret Sutton will be hard to pass up as far as adding him to the mix. I will say this though, LeSean's contract is going to be a problem. We don't like paying RB's that kind of money.

    WR - Sammy is a star. We will work with him to regain his deep threat status if possible because we believe in speed at the WR position. We don't want people to be able to load up the box against us so expect us to put a premium on it. If that means keeping Marquise Goodwin and Percy Harvin around long term, so be it. Robert Woods is the question here - he's average in every way but he's reliable which is more than you can say about the other players on the roster. Expect us to always be looking at WR's to see what we can dig up.

    TE - Clay is getting paid too much. We like his skill set a lot but boy is that contract going to make things difficult for us long term. Expect Chris Gragg to stick on the roster as well with his athleticism. He'll be extremely raw again but we really liked how he developed last year.

    LT - Cordy Glenn will hold down this spot all cycle barring something catastrophic.

    LG - Richie Incognito will be an upgrade from what we started with last year but is a stop gap player at best. This will be a big need day 1.

    C - Eric Wood is solid at the pivot. Lacks strength which is a downside but consistent up front for us.

    RG - Rookie John Miller is already penciled in here so it will be interesting to see how he comes in. We hope he's the long term answer.

    RT - Again another question mark. Seantrel Henderson will compete with Cyrus Kouandjio and all reports are that Kouandjio is up to the task. We'll see. If not this is a massive need.

    The question for defense will be the viability of the 3-4 vs the 4-3. The Bills have personnel to run either but schematically we have to play around with it a bit to see how we feel. I have to believe we'll be hard pressed to go with the 3-4 but we shall see so this break down is assuming 4-3.

    DE - Mario Williams contract is nutso. Don't expect him to stick in Buffalo for long. Jerry Hughes is the underrated guy we will be more concerned with. He has the type of skills we want to hold onto but again that contract could be scary. We'll see. Expect this to be another position the Bills target early and often. Manny Lawson provides additional depth here in the short term.

    DT - Marcel and Kyle formed probably the top DT duo last cycle and will look to do more of the same. Both all stars, both great against the run or pass. The question is what's behind them? Not much and that is scary.

    OLB - Nigel Bradham and ???. Huge question mark here which makes you pretty keen on bringing back Bobby Cameron but that will be tough to do with other players of more value beckoning. This is definitely a spot to keep an eye on.

    MLB - No more Kiko Alonso so what happens here? Preston Brown was great as a rookie but can he be the guy long term? I really don't know.

    CB - Finally another position of depth. Leodis McKelvin may somehow find himself to be a cap casualty early after 2016 but the spot opposite Stephon Gilmore is in good hands with a healthy competition between Nickell Robey, Ron Brooks and rookie Ronald Darby who is both young and very quick. Corey Graham can step in from S in a pinch as well, the Bills are in good hands here.

    S - Aaron Williams mans one spot and likely Corey Graham will handle the other in the short term. Can Duke Williams be brought along again to make an impact? If not the other safety spot will have a high priority on finding some young talent.

    K/P - No idea whats going to happen at Punter but you can bet Dan Carpenter will be holding it down for quite awhile as he is one of the best in the business.

    Onward to HaW16. It can't get here fast enough!

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  2. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014
    Man I love this idea.. If only I knew what team I was....rip
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  3. sir felgar

    sir felgar Walk On

    Oct 8, 2014
    I was the Chargers in Madden 15. They are a football team from San Diego. In Madden 16 I will be the Ravens. They are a football team from Baltimore.
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  4. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015

    The Cleveland Browns

    There are a lot of things that you can say about the city of Cleveland, but one thing is nearly universally agreed on. The Browns suck. And not just Tony Romo in the 4th quarter of week 17 with the playoffs on the line, not Mark Sanchez staring off into the distance of a lineman's butt crack, not even Andy Dalton Prime Time collapse one and done in the playoffs suck. No, there is a special brand of suck reserved in a very special place for the city of Cleveland.

    Unlike the Buffalo Bills, who at the very least lay claim to the AFC glory days of the 90s, the Browns glory days are usually reserved for their fans in a very special place called the off season. The off season, like Christmas brings a new quarterback every year. Last year? Johnny Manziel. This year? Josh McCown. Browns fans everywhere will tell you what this will result in. A warm seat on the bench, waiting for the next one to fail.


    But let's talk HaW for a moment. The Browns had a suprising finish with the guidance of Wyrmreaver, but there's a new chapter to be read under coach Jacob Daughtry.


    QB: We are evaluating Johnny Manziel in the coming months to determine whether or not he will be the quarterback of the future. Josh McCown will be likely be traded to a team that has cap space and would enjoy having a solid veteran backup. Establishing a QB is a top priority for the new regime.

    HB: We're excited about Duke Johnson, but reserved. If Madden ratings aren't as kind as we'd like them to be, we may be looking for a workhorse. We are hopeful, but far from optimistic about this group of players.


    WR: With no word on whether Josh Gordon will be a part of M16, we have to face the facts. We have a mediocre at best core. However, with other positions of need drafting an elite WR right off the bat would be a luxury. We'll be focusing on other positions unless we're blown away.

    TE: Again, mediocre. We'll be focusing on developing our TE's or replacing them with strong blockers. Cleveland will likely be adopting a ground and pound approach while we sort out our QB drama, and we need to ensure we have the best lanes possible.

    OL: We have key pieces but we're lacking solid doors. Our weak links will leave for wide open spaces. This is considered the absolute top priority for the regime. Look for us to move Alex Mack to a new position or trade him altogether.

    D-Line: We're satisfied with the talent on our D Line and believe they can be developed. The addition of Danny Shelton and Nate Orchard has us excited.

    OLB: One of our top priorities is to establish an elite pass rusher. We believe our division has some of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league and putting them on their ass is a necessity.

    MLB: We need to evaluate this position carefully. In my scheme, it is the absolute cornerstone of the D and I need a MLB that can do anything I ask of him. Look for a huge trade in M16 if I get my way.

    CB: We are deeply satisfied with the depth at this position. We have 0 concerns.


    S: While under evaluation, we feel confident we can adapt our scheme to allow us several seasons before we address this position.


    Offense: Ground and pound, baby. We'll be playing a conservative offense, minimizing mistakes and battling in the trenches. We want 10 minute drives, or we aren't trying.

    Defense: We're heavily considering a 3-4, but we're not confident in our MLB. If team development doesn't go as planned, we may play 4-3. Our goal is to force our opponents to run the ball. We want there to be no doubt going into every game that the likelihood of your quarterback being injured is high. Very, very high.

    Final Thoughts

    I'm genuinely excited to be taking this team over in Madden 16. I'll continue getting to play Hurricane GL and have an opportunity to play against sir felgar twice a year. With the Browns roster, I fully expect to have several low draft picks at the beginning of HaW and plan to use those to build the future of Cleveland. The AFC North is on notice:


    This is your future.
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  5. Hordan54

    Hordan54 Walk On

    Aug 8, 2014
    Coach Hordan guided the Patriots to great success in Madden 15.

    Tom Brady, Gronk and a stellar defense led to a Superbowl 1 victory over the Vikings. It was a difficult road to the superbowl as the Patriots edged out the rival Bills in overtime, in the snow, in the division championship; this game went on to be a HaW instant classic.

    Long time Patriots, like Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork departed in the following years, but ownership kept the team stocked with talent.

    The oline morphed into one of the league's best, and playmakers joined star QB Paris Chapman. The offense flourished with stars LeSean McCoy and Keeylan Randall.

    The Patriots claimed Superbowl 6 in HaW's first ever full sim beating out the Saints in their first superbowl appearance.

    Unfortunately, a serious slurpee addiction caused coach Hordan to be removed as head coach but rumors are he is looking for a gig in the next season.
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  6. greatnessdc

    greatnessdc Walk On

    Aug 9, 2014
    After a long hard fought battle over the course of Madden 15, Coach Herring always came up short on accomplishing the ultimate goal. Without a Superbowl win many would call his many accomplishments pointless. Coach Herring was a continual playoff contender with Atlanta dominated the NFC South during his tenure there. He became a regular in the NFCCG but could never overcome that moment.

    After moving to the Dolphins he proceeded to overturn a roster that many thing needed a talent surge. His first offseason there he drafted what many have called the GROAT at QB. Though success didn't follow in his short term with the Dolphins we are pleased to announce with Madden 16 Coach Herring will return home.....


    With the annoucement about his return to Atlanta many have began speculating how he will handle his roster. His first few seasons in HAW 15 we saw many big changes including a huge trade that brought then 10 finger JPP over. 9 finger JPP does not seem to be a target for this cycle.

    QB: [​IMG]

    Matt Ryan. Matty ice as some would call him will head into HAW 16 as the day one starter. He's a top 10 qb who lead the NFL last season in deep ball accuracy. Ryan possibly take a mentor role over Joshua Lucas similar to Farve and Rodgers had.

    HB: Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman will be a young duo competing for the starting HB job. Coleman the third round rookie should have the kind of breakaway speed people look for in normal Maddens. He is believed to be leading the charge for the starting role.

    FB: Who cares.


    One of the best in the game Julio "I eat popcorn" Jones will be a feared asset on the outside. With Roddy White slowly declining each year Jones looks to be carrying the weight of the passing game on his shoulders.

    Rookie Justin Hardy 4th round draft pick this year will be an interesting person to watch vie for the slot position. Hardy has amazing hands but lacks the type of speed you normally like to see at the WR position.

    TE: A position that will be a platoon of players. The Falcons have 3 TE's on their roster who could be the starter but none really excel at any specific area.

    Jacob Tamme looks like he will be the starter as a pass catching TE who has experience catching balls from PFM.



    The eye sore of this team. One of the worst offensive lines in the game. Dealt with injuries for the majority of the year last year before becoming a more cohesive unit towards the end of the season. The only 2 for sure starters of this lot is

    LT Jake Matthews
    RG Jon Asamoah

    Lot of work needed here.

    Defensive Line:


    What a difference a year makes. Last year was a trash can of a defensive line. This year we see a good bit of improvement with finally a true pass rusher on the base roster in rookie Vic Beasley jr.

    Beasley who was the 8th overall pick in the draft will bring the athleticism and strength off the line that is unmatched by most of the league. His speed and burst off the line could easily lead him to being a top 10 sack contender year after year.

    The Falcons also added 5th round steal Grady Jarrett will join Rashede Hageman and Paul Solaili (can't spell this assholes name and not gonna google it) at the DT position.

    In Free agency the Falcons added Adrain Claybourne and O'Brian Schofield to the DE position which while not big names who are gonna give big numbers they are solid players who will give me depth.

    LB: Another position who added depth via FA. LB'ers last year was not a strong suit.

    Paul Worrilow will hold his starting job at MLB to start the season. He lacks the speed and Hit power I want at MLB so only time will tell if he holds this for long.

    Justin Durant and Brooks Reed are the new additions and are projected to be the starters at the OLB positions. Durant has the potential to be a big time starter at LB but both of these guys are slightly aged and can't be the long time starters 3 or 4 years down the road.

    Overall the LBing core is better over last season.



    Desmond Trufant will be an ELITE corner from the get go. He will shut down number one receivers on a game to game basis.

    Rookie Jalen Collins 2nd round pick will be an interesting talent. He has the height you want at CB but lack of starts in college is worrying.

    Robert Alford coming off an injury filled season will be hoping to bounce back

    The CB position is young and talented. The major problem is....

    All my safeties suck. R.I.P.

    Both safety positions I will be looking for upgrades asap.



    One of the best duos in the league "Money" Matt Bryant who has ice in his veins and Matt Bosher give me a solid duo to start with. Bryant is old though so he won't have many seasons in his tank.


    Offensively not many changes from the Madden 15 base roster. Steven Jackson is gone replaced by Tevin Coleman.
    Offensive line still sucks.
    Tight end is still eh.

    Julio is strong enough to carry this offense with needed.

    Defensively the base roster is much improved.
    Vic Beasley gives me the pass rusher I like to use from day 1.
    Improved LBing core
    Young CB's including Trufant who should be a top 7 corner in the game.
    Safeties suck.

    Overall I'm very happy and stoked to see what this roster looks like on paper. I know I have some work ahead of me to get the team better but I'm prepared!
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  7. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    The Washington Redskins 2015-16 Preview

    The 2014 Season the Redskins sought a new coach, Jay Gruden, and well after going 4-12 they fired his ass, because quite frankly the only good thing about going to see them play was this :

    So after the upper management of the Redskins announced Jay Gruden's tenure was over in Washington, they began searching for who could return them to greatness. 1991 was the last year the Redskins won the Super Bowl, and the coach search committee was ready to find that next great coach.

    Coach Ben D. Johnson, who in his coaching career in college and NFL, had never finished under .500 was selected to step up to the plate in Washington. Ben has his hands full his first season or more with a team who has struggled over the past few seasons, and selecting a quarterback will be one of his top concerns for the season.

    QB : The battle for air supremacy in Washington will be a 3 way battle between, Robert Griffin III, Colt McCoy, and Kirk Cousins. All 3 have seen playing time in Washington, but RGIII could be the number one option when it comes to week 1 against the Dolphins.

    RB : Alfred Morris is a no brainer here, coming off last season with 1000 yard season in 2014. No competition to see here other than if Morris goes down. We could see a battle for the #2 spot with Silas Redd and rookie, Matt Jones.

    WR : DeSean Jackson returns after catching 56 balls last year for close to 1200 yards. His help will come from Pierre Garcon having 500+ yard season in 2014. These receivers will hope to account for more touchdowns than they did in 2014, only having 9 between all 2. (over half of all receiving touchdowns.) Oh, and Santana Moss

    TE : Niles Paul and Jordan Reed will more than likely split shares of the catches from TE. The new coach likes to run dual TE sets and utilize these two more as receivers. It will be interesting to see how these two do. In 2014 they accounted for close to 1000 yards.

    O-Line : The rookie, Brandon Schreff will be the new guy.

    D-Line : Their going to sack the quarterback and stop the ball from the 3-4 formation...it's that simple

    Linebackers : Kerrigan and Robinson will be a beast, the rest of these guys will do their job.

    Secondary : I hope and pray they get more than 7 interceptions like they did in 2014.

    Schedule :

    Week 1 : Miami - arlennnn
    Week 2 : St. Louis - RyanRain
    Week 3 : @New York Giants - MasterFocker
    Week 4 : Philadelphia - PapaPerry
    Week 5 : @Atlanta - Greatnessdc
    Week 6 : @New York Jets - McStrauss
    Week 7 : Tampa Bay - CoachMedicis
    Week 8 : BYE
    Week 9 : @New England - Rasmussen
    Week 10 : New Orleans - Raunchy
    Week 11 : @Carolina - ZCar
    Week 12 : New York Giants - Focker
    Week 13 : Dallas - Raider
    Week 14 : @Chicago - CoreyC
    Week 15 : Buffalo - Keller
    Week 16 : @Philadelphia - Perry
    Week 17 : @Dallas - Raider

    Prediction : The Redskins 2015 schedule looks promising, but having the NFC South and AFC East could prove difficult. Hskr's predictions have the Skins going 10-6 and reaching the NFC Championship in a rematch of Week 7 against Tampa Bay, but our experts predict differently.

    The 2015 Redskins will finish 9-7, winning the division by tie breaker, and losing in the wild card weekend.
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  8. RyanRain39

    RyanRain39 Walk On

    Dec 30, 2014
    No more Lambeau Leap, R.I.P. 2015-2015.
    After being brought into Green Bay, a division pretty much no man's land with RFF, Coach, and the other guy that ran the same 4 plays. After playing janitor for a loaded roster, Ha Ha Clinton Dix, and RT Lopez would get the starter positions they deserved. The aging defensive line would be replaced, with a bold move to move Clay Matthews over as a veteran guide to the young up and comers, Adam Beatty and Dareon Ellison. In the final user season, had nearly 40 sacks among them, with over to going to the DT Beatty. The Offense was not forgotten as Josh Gordon was brought in from the Browns, and in a move to save the Packers' defense, Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson mutually walked away from the organization, bringing in Alan Ellis. Ellis in Season 7 posted high yardage, helping Josh Gordon claim #2 on the WR's yards chart and NFC WR of the year.

    But now, it's a new year. As we prepare to move to the St. Louis Rams, Week 1 vs The Seahawks may be the first user game the Rams have been in since HaW. (Correct me if I am wrong). Let's take a look at what to expect seeing the Rams on the field for the first time in over a year!

    QB: After a huge AP trade during the offseason, Nick Foles has been brought over in exchange for Sam Bradford. Why? Who knows, but I am ok with this. I'd much rather play with Foles than Bradford any day. Foles has a great track record with the Eagles until going down with an injury last season. Given that he is still young, look for Foles to be in St. Louis for many of years.

    HB: It gets messy here for some. With the Departure of Zac Stacy, Tre Mason is still here, along with the rookie out of Georgia, Todd Gurley III. Gurley is looking to be the early favorite coming out of training camps, and a high candidate for NFC Offensive Rookie Of The Year.

    WR: Here is where I get bummed about the roster. Brian Quick, Kenny Britt, Tavon Austin. If anything is like M15, this core group, is not going to win many games. While Austin has the speed, Quick and Britt have solid catching abilities, but will not burn anyone on the defense. Here's to hoping Elliot Owens joins the team as a Legacy Player, and would be a Day 1 Starter.

    TE: The Veteran Cook is back with the Rams, Solid player, can be a vital target on short yard situations.

    4-3 Defense: I am glad I don't have to change anything here. After starting with a 3-4 Defense in Green Bay, I struggled to adjust. However, the Rams do have the 46 Defense, which has been a struggle, and is no 5-2 Defensive scheme.

    D-Line: An already stacked Defensive Line, makes me wonder if I should even attend draft day now. With Aaron Donald leading the charge, newly acquired Nick Fairley from Detroit, Michael Brockers, and of course adding Chris Long and Robert Quinn on the Ends, St. Louis can easily run a 5-2 defense and shut down the run game.

    Linebackers: Son of the Road Warrior, James Laurinaitis returns to fill the gap in the middle, with Alec Ogletree and Akeem Ayers on the outside. The entire Front 7 I am excited about going into M16.

    DB: With Corners EJ Gaines and Janoris Jenkins, the priority in the next draft, will be to find a Nickle Corner. Safeties TJ McDonald and Rodney McLeod will find season 1 as their Proving Grounds. McLeod spent his time in GB last year backing up Micah Hyde, but didn't see the field often.

    St. Louis is a really young team, with a few vets sprinkled around here and there. Only downside to having this young of team, is the cap hell I'll experience in the next 2-4 seasons.

    Week 1: Seahawks : Mozaaik
    Week 2: Redskins: iBo
    Week 3: Steelers: Freakskull
    Week 4: Cardinals: JohnGalt
    Week 5: Packers: Hskr
    Week 6: BYE
    Week 7: Browns: Akutozo
    Week 8: 49ers: DadiBlanki
    Week 9: Vikings: BigK
    Week 10: Bears: CoreyC
    Week 11: Ravens: SirFelgar
    Week 12: Bengals: Hurricane GL
    Week 13: Cardinals: JohnGalt
    Week 14: Lions: GDip
    Week 15: Buccaneers : Coach
    Week 16: Seahawks: Mozaaik
    Week 17: 49ers: DadiBlanki

    I already have a few games circled that I am looking forward to. I think the NFC West is going to be a fun division. Several first time games to be played to open up the HaW 16 cycle. Several new users appear on my schedule as well, so it will be interesting to see how the first season plays out.
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  9. Automatik

    Automatik Walk On

    Jun 4, 2012

    Peyton will probably be the starter unless the Front office can find a way to sign young phenom Alexander Broussard, if Broussard does return expect the Broncos offense to be at or near the top again in HaW16.

    RB: Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak returns to the Mile High City after a 10 year absence. Kubiak has always found a way to get his RBs to put up big numbers in his offense, so look for workhorse CJ Anderson to put up big numbers if that makeshift Oline can gel quick. Montee Ball was very successful in HaW 15 but it's a new season, new ratings and Ball will be a #2/3 back at best in this offense. [​IMG]

    WR: Cody Latimer will look to see more playing time this season, but the main attractions are Emmanuel Sanders who had a breakout year last season with 101 rec/ 1404 yards and 9 TDs and Demaryius "BayBay" Thomas [​IMG]

    TE: Julius Thomas is gone to Jacksonville. So that leaves the door open for Virgil Green/Owen Daniels, coach Auto never really used much of his TEs in HaW 15 and doesn't plan on relying on them again this year.

    O-line: The weakest group on the team. Ryan Clady tore his ACL but looks to make a miraculous 2 month recovery in time for S1, Orlando Franklin left to division rival San Diego. The Center position is a question mark with Gino Gradkowski will be the opening day starter but rookie Max Garcia is right there if Gino slips. Louis Vasquez returns to his natural position at RG and Chris Clark who has struggled for the past two seasons will be the starter at RT.

    D-line: Denver has fired their DC and hired one of the best in the business in Wade Phillips. The Broncos will be moving to a 3-4. Malik Jackson was a very solid player last season ranking 51 on PFF top 101, Derek Wolfe is finally healthy and will be looking to shine in his new role in the 3-4. Sly Williams' time is now to prove he was worth that 1st round pick, him and Marvin Austin are going to try to make life easier for this next group...

    LBs: CAN'T WAIT!!! Von returns to his natural position as well as Demarcus Ware. Shane Ray has the talent to be a star in this league and it doesn't get much better than learning from two of the best at their position.
    Danny Trevathan moving inside will be an adjustment for the smaller backer but his football IQ and high zone coverage should be a quick one. Brandon Marshall stepped in nicely last season and his play his earned him a starting position in Phillips' defense. [​IMG]

    CBs: Johnny Drive By returns opposite up and coming super star Chris Harris. Bradley Roby is the nickel corner for now while Tony Carter and Kayvon Webster are the dime and quarter CB.

    Safety: Gone is Rahim the Nightmare Moore (who was 6th worse in tackling efficiency among safeties) in is Darian Stewart who last season played the Ravens. TJ Ward struggled mightily last season ranking ten worst in tackling efficiency among safeties will be manning the SS spot once again this year. This unit will look to add some talent/ depth early on.

    K/P: Britton Colquitt is the most overpaid punter in the league he wont be around for long and Connor Barth is very accurate but lacks the leg strength that coach Auto likes from his kickers.

    Denver once again plays in the toughest division in all of football so predicting a playoff record is optimistic but on paper this is a playoff team. 10-6 SB vs Saints
    Week 1: Ravens Felgar
    Week 2 Chiefs Craig
    Week 3 Lions Gdip
    Week 4 Vikings BigK
    Week 5 Raiders Troy
    Week 6 Browns Aku
    Week 7 bye
    Week 8 Packers Hskr
    Week 9 Colts Guru
    Week 10 Chiefs Craig
    Week 11 Bears Corey
    Week 12 Pats Jeremy
    Week 13 Chargers Nick
    Week 14 Raiders Troy
    Week 15 Steelers Freak
    Week 16 Bengals Brian
    Week 17 Chargers Nick

    One more for good luck [​IMG]
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  10. Hurricane GL

    Hurricane GL Walk On

    Sep 9, 2014
    This is a bittersweet day. After "unofficially" winning the 2022 Super Bowl with the Houston Texans, Coach Brian Read had one of the largest blow-out bashes ever seen in the city of Houston. It has come to light that Coach Read was detained for noise violations, disorderly conduct, and assaulting fellow Texas coach, RaiderRed90 when he offered a "Rusty Trombone". Owner Bob McNair has done the unthinkable. He released Coach Read from his contract with the Houston Texans.

    As expected though, a coach coming fresh off a Super Bowl title does not stay unemployed for very long. A team known for giving second chances, and one that struggled in H@W to find and keep a quality coach, the Cincinnati Bengals have hired Coach Read to bring a ring to Cincy. Over the next couple of weeks, Coach Read will be evaluating talent, holding training camp, and holding a few inter-squad practices/scrimmages with aforementioned Coach RaiderRed90 in preparation for Madden 16 - Hard at Work.

    Following is Coach Read's initial evaluation of his new team.

    "First let me say how honored and appreciative I am of Mr. [Mike] Brown for giving me the great opportunity. After embarrassing myself several weeks ago celebrating a Super Bowl victory, I wasn't sure I would ever get to continue my career coaching a game I love. Now as I am just arriving, I know everyone is anxious to hear my thoughts on the state of the franchise. So let's get to it."

    Andy Dalton has been a solid starter for this franchise since he was drafted 5 years ago. Last offseason he was rewarded with a lucrative contract. As such, at this time, the starting job is his. However, the past does no bring victories tomorrow. The offense I plan to implement is dependent on precise timing. You have to have a big arm to be fully successful in this system. As such, I am going to look into acquiring a big, powerful QB to push Andy for the job. It will be an open competition, and may the man win.

    The combination of Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard, I believe is the best two-headed monster in the league (no matter what Coach sir felgar tells you he has in his pants). I would love to run with these two for the duration of my stay in Cincy. However, my offense is one that is geared to a specific style. I also believe we have weaknesses in other areas that we need to improve. As such, one of these two guys may not start the season in a Bengals uniform. Which one? It's too early to tell at this point. The right deal for the right guy is going to be made.

    AJ Green. Top 5 WR in the game no matter what the Madden 16 ratings "Guru" has to say. Sanu and Jones are solid, but we're always looking to improve. Eiffert at TE is going to get a lot of looks in this offense if he can stay on the field. The right guy pitching the rock is going to be putting up some numbers with this crew.

    We're solid at OT, but aging. However, we've got two solid rookies coming in that we hope to develop. OG/C does need some improvement. It's going to come down to who wants to play and get better. If these guys do, GREAT! If they don't, we'll find someone who does.

    Starts with Geno. Add on Dunlap. We're getting somewhere. Michael Johnson needs to get better. Peko can be good at times. This position will be locked up if Legacy Player AJ Shead is permitted to sign. We'll be running a Multiple D scheme, looking to mix in 3 and 4 man fronts.

    We need to develop here. AJ Hawk and Maualuga are smart MLBs. Can they bring to the table what we need? We'll see. Burfict is a tackling machine at ROLB. LOLB Lamur has a lot of question marks.

    It's time to put up or get out. Kirkpatrick and Dennard need to step up and represent there high draft selections. Hall needs to shut down his area. Jones is going to keep pushing these guys. Shaw we hope to see contribution from. We'd love to bring in more CBs to really see how hungry these guys are.

    These guys seem to be solid on paper. Question is how are they going to look on the field. Time will tell.

    "That's where we're starting. Where will we be come Sept. when the games mean something? I'm as excited to find out as you are."

    Here is a look at the Bengals 2015 schedule, what some consider one of the toughest of the season.

    Week 1 - @ Oakland Raiders - Troy J. (tough matchup against a great user...going to need some luck and flawless play here)
    Week 2 - San Diego Chargers - nicknicknick5 (the coach that took the Giants to a perfect regular season...another touch match up)
    Week 3 - @ Baltimore Ravens - sir felgar (time to get this rivalry started...in our one matchup it came down to the end of the game)
    Week 4 - Kansas City Chiefs - Craig (the weakest coach of the first quarter of a season...but no slouch...time to see what he brings when he's not in CONF Purgatory)
    Week 5 - Seattle Seahawks - Mozaaik (tough team...coach with some weaknesses...this game will be decided by turnovers and red zone success)
    Week 6 - @ Buffalo Bills - Keller (I had mostly success against Keller on the field...time to see if we can keep that going...running is going to be TOUGH)
    Week 7 - BYE (Damn I'm going to need this)
    Week 8 - @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Freakskull (if I play my game and don't make too many mistakes, I can win this...If I let him hang around I can hate this)
    Week 9 - Cleveland Browns - akutozo (great to keep this rivalry from M15...can't wait to see how he's improved)
    Week 10 - Houston Texans - RFF (game is circled...the guy who took my squad...IRL hope Texans destroy...H@W - it's gonna be ugly......hopefully he saved some nickles for a better connection #lagwasreal #askallhisopponents)
    Week 11 - @ Arizona Cardinals - johngalt10 (good stick skills...ugly play in SB...phoning it in or rusty stick skills? time will tell)
    Week 12 - St. Louis Rams - RyanRain39 (was closer than it should have been in M15...we'll see what he does with less offensive talent)
    Week 13 - @ Cleveland Browns - akutozo (rivalry grows....who's stick skills do too?)
    Week 14 - Pittsburgh Steelers - Freakskull (AFCN slugfest....AGAIN)
    Week 15 - @ San Francisco 49ers - DadiBlanki (never got to play him in M15...can't wait...but how good will that DEF be?)
    Week 16 - @ Denver Broncos - Automatik (got destroyed twice by auto....but his Offensive weaponry isn't as good to start with...hope to take advantage of it)
    Week 17 - Baltimore Ravens - sir felgar (last quarter of the season will decide the DIV....this could be THE game of week 17)

    Realistically I could see mysefl going 10-6 or 6-10...this is a GAUNTLET. I play the ENTIRE commish team in four games. I see maybe 4-5 games I feel confident about. The rest is going to be all about the breaks.

    Halloweenies for SB
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  11. RaiderRed90

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    Aug 5, 2014
    Shoulda just taken the rusty trombone bruh
  12. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015
    But god damn if it wasn't worth it.
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  13. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    Bumping this.
  14. RFF

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    Aug 13, 2014
    The Houston Texans are a virtual football team that is based on the team playing real football in Houston, TX. They didn't make the playoffs one single time in Madden 15 (because Obama) except for in some make-believe dream someone had once, which is like two levels of Inception deep since it's all make-believe, anyway. I (or, more likely, some other, currently much angrier human) will play this video game with them in Madden 16 and attempt to make the playoffs, but in either case the controlling human will probably fail.
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  15. akutozo

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    Apr 17, 2015
    Pretty sure they made the playoffs in M15 bruh.
  16. RFF

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    Aug 13, 2014
    I mean, if you ain't first you're last, so by extension they never did in that version of reality.
  17. Hurricane GL

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    Sep 9, 2014
    Whatever....I even played with them is a Superb Owl....that got disco'd so it didn't count
  18. Mozaaik

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    Aug 5, 2014
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