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Herd Nation

Discussion in 'Zeros to Heroes' started by Dannyboy0003, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. Dannyboy0003

    Dannyboy0003 Walk On

    Aug 30, 2010
    Herd Nation

    This is your source for all things Thundering Herd football.
  2. Dannyboy0003

    Dannyboy0003 Walk On

    Aug 30, 2010
    Depth Chart

    QB Eddie Sullivan (SO)
    QB Andy Thornton (FR)
    QB Adam Lewis FR

    HB Andre Booker (SR)
    HB Martin Ward (SR)
    HB Aaron Slusher (JR)
    HB Derrick McMillan (FR)
    HB Sean Smith (FR)

    FB Jordan Taylor (SR)
    FB Eric Thurman FR

    WR Antavious Wilson (SR) *Captain
    WR Aaron Dobson SR
    WR Jamal Wilson SR
    WR Fred Pickett (SO)
    WR CJ Crawford SR
    WR Jazz King (SO)
    WR Arthur Woods (FR)
    WR Stefone Grace (SO)
    WR Ernie Cronin (FR)
    WR Brandon Brock (FR)
    WR Brandon Goolsby (FR)

    TE Jamie Hatton (SR)
    TE James Power (SO)
    TE Chris Head (SO)

    LT Jordan Jeffries SR
    LT Will Britton FR

    LG Don Howe FR
    LG John Bruhim (SR)
    LG Freddie Hill (FR)

    C Chris Bowers (SR)
    C Shane Sims (FR)

    RG Alex Schooler SR
    RG Brandon Hendrix FR
    RG Marcus Charles (FR)

    RT Josh Lovell (SO)
    RT Darrell Joseph (FR)
    RT Gary Jones (FR)


    LE Rashawde Myers JR
    LE Malcolm Strong (SO)

    RE John Youboty (SR)

    DT AJ Scott JR
    DT Colton Griffis (JR)
    DT Mike Fleurizard (SO)
    DT Brandon Sparrow (SO)
    DT Lance Peterson (FR)

    LOLB Trevor Black (SO)
    LOLB Jeremy Hills (FR)
    LOLB David Avery FR

    MLB TJ Ross JR
    MLB Matt Pickett JR
    MLB Raul Concepcion (FR)
    MLB Doug Landrum FR

    ROLB Quanthony Fletcher SR
    ROLB Willie Leonard SO

    CB Demetrius Thomas JR
    CB Brandon Grant JR
    CB Joe Johnson (SO)
    CB Monterius Lovett (SO)
    CB Corey Moore FR
    CB Chris McAfee (FR)
    CB Bryan Williams FR
    CB Jerry Coley FR
    CB David Jones FR

    FS Brian Robinson JR
    FS Derek Mitchell (JR)
    FS Danny Hines (FR)

    SS Kevin Perry JR *Captain
    SS Charles Pitts FR

    K David Miller FR

    P Freddie Brown SO
  3. Dannyboy0003

    Dannyboy0003 Walk On

    Aug 30, 2010
    Season Preview

    The 2012 Marshall Thundering Herd will be led by veteran leadership, a strong running game, and excellent skill players on offense.

    The Herd brings one of the most dynamic one two punches in college football this year with senior running backs Andre Booker and Martin Ward. Booker is explosive, possessing game breaking speed, while Ward is a between the tackles runner who will plug away and hold on to the football. Seniors Antavious and Jamal Wilson, and Aaron Dobson provide and explosive recieveing corps for first year starter Eddie Sullivan.

    On the other side of the ball, John Youboty leads the pack as a fierce pass rusher coming off the end. Switching to the 3-4 will allow him to play more 5 technique this year. Safeties Brian Robinson and Kevin Perry are playmakers in the secondary and can provide stout run support. Lacking big time speed on defense, Marshall will typically find itself trying to simply outscore and outlast it's opponents.
  4. Dannyboy0003

    Dannyboy0003 Walk On

    Aug 30, 2010
    Coach Speak

    Herd Nation: Thanks for joining us coach. How do you feel about this year's team? When it's all said and done, what will define the 2012 Herd?

    Dannyboy0003: I think that if we work hard, and get better every week we can do some amazing things this year. I think we will probably be defined by our ground game this year.

    HN: How do you replace Willie Korn?

    D0003: You don't. Willie was a special player and you don't replace someone like that. He made a lot of plays last year that really made you scratch your head and say no, no, no, no....yes! Eddie Sullivan has a lot of talent and he will certainly be surrounded by a lot of guys that can make plays but we are going to try to keep things pretty simple for him to start.

    HN: How is the defense looking so far this spring?

    D0003: Changing from a 3-4 scheme to a 4-3 will bring some growing pains and it will be a challenge. We have the personel that more suits a 4-3 and I think over time we will be ok but we could have some growing pains.

    HN: Can you address the rumors that you may be leaving after this season? Your contract expires at the end of this season and no agreement on an extension has been made.

    D0003: I am extremely excited to be at Marshall and excited for the season to begin. I have too much respect for the players, coaches, school, and fans to address that or let it become a distraction for any of us.

    HN: You get another crack at West Virginia this year in Morgantown. Any predictions?

    D0003: I predict that we will be well prepared and will play our tails off.

    HN: Thanks Coach
  5. Dannyboy0003

    Dannyboy0003 Walk On

    Aug 30, 2010
    We caught up with coach Dannyboy0003 after the heartbreaking home loss to Ohio on Saturday.

    Herd Nation: Coach, how is the team feeling after such a tough loss?

    Dannyboy0003: Well it was a tough loss, there's no doubt about that. We need to get better at closing. We didn't close the first or second half and that's where we lost the game. I think we gave up 21 points in a total of 1 minute and 30 seconds at the end of the two halves. That just can't happen.

    HN: How do you feel about where your team is at heading into conference play?

    D0003: Again, I think that we need to get better, we will get better, but I think as a whole we are playing better football right now than we were at this time last year. We need to play better team defense and eliminate the big play. We knew we would have some growing pains on that side of the ball, but we need to at least make them work to score points.

    HN: How would you evaluate the play of Eddie Sullivan so far? And how can you describe what Andre Booker has done so far?

    D0003: Eddie has done a great job. He is managing the offense well, he's getting us into the plays we need to be in at the line, and he is not turning the ball over. I think he will continue to get better and better. Remember, he's only a sophomore. As far as Andre, I'm not surprised he's off to such a great start. He really showed us last year that he could play and could start for us. He is explosive and has a gear that not too many people at this level have. If he can stay healthy, he will do some great things this year.

    HN: Good luck this week. Thanks Coach.
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