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Hey Guys, Just Saying Hi

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Corey Haggard, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Corey Haggard

    Corey Haggard Walk On

    Jul 2, 2011
    Been a while, just popping in to see who's still in After Midnight since I was a member. Had a good time in this Dynasty for my relatively short stay last year. Still have a few of you on my friends list. Currently looking to join a non-premier Dynasty for this year, and prove myself worthy of a premier dynasty for next year.

    Going to check out the Hall of Fame and what not for After Midnight. Will be following this Dynasty this year, good luck to y'all this season.
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  2. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Good to hear from you Corey, hope all is going well.

    Good luck with getting into a non-premier league, the guys tabbed to run them this year are a solid group.

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