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    Aug 13, 2009
    Hey Guys

    I'm the commish of The Rise as many of you probably know. We currently have 9 users and I'm not getting any luck in the New Member Lounge finding anyone.

    So if any of you are interested here are the teams I offer:

    Openings are in

    ACC Coastal Division - Duke, Virginia

    SEC Western Division - Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State

    Big East - UConn, Pittsburgh, USF, Louisville, Syracuse

    We have JUST started Season 3. Still in Week 1. Excellent time to join. Post here or PM me.

    We need 3 members. First come first serve (I base it on what time the first person contacted me, second person, etc etc).

    League is very active and we move pretty quickly. I enjoy it quite a bit.

    So if you guys are interested shoot me a PM or post here.

    Thanks for letting me post Papa.

    -- Masler

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