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Hey Rookie! Welcome to the NFL....Part 2

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Blackattack87, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Blackattack87

    Blackattack87 First In Last Out

    Feb 11, 2012
    Clack....tssss......Clack......tssss......Clack......tsss. The grimace and look on Jamario Ward's face could kill the meanest of men. The sweat is rolling down his face as he diligently is clanging the weights around on the shoulder press machine, You see he isn't just working out. He is 'rehabbing", the dreaded word for any NFL player. Jamario Ward exploded onto the NFL scene with a week 1 performance for the ages for any player yet alone a rookie. Ward rushed for 220 yds on 16 carries including an 84 yard TD scamper that left Coach Cimmy in awe. "That run was spectacular", said Cimmy. "He has a burst like no one I've ever seen before". Yet just as Ward was looking to repeat that brilliant week one performance, it all came crashing down as he broke his collarbone early in week 2. A devestating blow to the RB. He is expected to miss upwards of 6 weeks and has just began his comeback in the weight room. "Man it sucks ya know, really sucks", says the obviously demoralized Ward as he is taking a break. "I will be back tho, you can print that, on the record yo." The Giants are off to a good start so hopefully they can hold it together untill the rookie dazzler returns....

    "I'll take both of those mofo's right dare. Yeah those!", exclaims rookie wideout Trent Platt. Platt is at the mall here in Bufflao along with his crew and couldn't decide beteewn two winter parkas, so of course he bought them both. "Already gettin cold up in this b***h." Platt is beginning to feel the weather, it's barely October but a cold front has descended on Buffalo like Platt has descended onto the NFL scene. The number one overall pick in the draft didn't disappoint in his debut catching 5 balls for 148 yards and a TD. He is currently averaging 19.3 yards per catch and has 300 yards receiving in 4 games. "Man I'm having a good start but I shoulda have 3 more TD's but my QB overthrew me. He young tho, he learn.." Apparently Platt is going to the Terrell Owens school of diva WR's as he slighlty has just thrown his rookie QB under the bus. I asked a follow up question to that and Platt looked at me as if he had forgotten he asked a reporter to tag along with him for an interview. He smiles and closes his mouth. We move on.

    It's like being at the mall and the boy band is about to make an appearance. The crowd is going nuts as New York Jet QB Stephen Diaz makes his way thru 30 Rockefeller Center. He is on his way to do an interview on the set of the Today show and clearly by the slow progress he is making, he is gonna be late. He is signing autographs and taking pics with fans abound. He is being hailed as "The Savior" as the Jets have moved on from the Sanchez/Tebow debacle. Diaz has played great as the Jets are 3-0 as this story goes to print. Diaz has thrown 9 TD's to only 1 pick and has a 135.3 passer rating and has impressed Coach Petty. "The kid sees the field and goes thru his progressions like a 10 year vet. ", Petty gleams as he is clearly impressed and a little bit surprised. "We knew he was accurate but he makes such great decisions as well." Stephen Diaz has embraced everything New York. He was asked what is the best and worst part of big city life in the Big Apple. "That's easy, the food. I love the pizza and all the other Italian eateries. The worst? Hmmm, No lakes close to here, to wet a line. Diaz smiles and laughs it off. This is where the impromptu interview ends as the crowd swallows him up as security whisks him into the building. Justin Bieber has got nothing on him.

    Avius Allen is liking how Frank Gore is hitting the holes. Gore has just scored on an 80 yard run and the 49ers have taken a 30-0 lead over the Bears. "Man I'm deadly with that juke move", says Allen. The only place Allen is watching Gore do this is on his 80 inch big screen on Madden13. Allen is yet another highly touted rookie that has been befelled by injury. In the first two games of the season Allen, as he proclaimed at the draft, was performing every bit as good as Platt, maybe even better. Games 1 and 2 Allen's stats were 5 catches for 114 yards and a TD and 4 for 96 and two TD's before he was sidelined for 5 weeks with a dislocated elbow. Allen spends most days in his 10,000 sq foot mansion on Blackhawk CC located in the ultra ritzy east bay community of Danville, Ca.
    He has yet to be cleared for rehab and it's driving him nuts. "I just wanna get back out there to show everyone what I'm capable of doing. ", says a clearly frustrated Allen. Let's hope so, the 49ers surely need him on that field.

    They say its the good the bad and the ugly. Well this season for Cam Czaplewski is the ugly. He was given the reigns to the Panther offense and it has been a complete disaster. He has thrown 8 picks, is getting destroyed behind a line that starts 3 rookies, has 3 starting WR's out for 4 -6 weeks and has himself suffered a torn shoulder and is out for 4 weeks. His defense is giving up yards and points in bunches so it's no surprise that the Panthers are 0-5. "Things got to start to get better, they really can't get any worse", says the ever optimistic QB. "Were gonna stick with him, he has done some nice things and we can see he just needs some breaks and he wil be ok. He's our QB going forward, said Coach Black. Black has just come from a media luncheon and the hint of beer on his breath is unmistakable.

    So one quarter of the season is in the books, the journey's of these young men have taken very different paths and we will check back later in the year to see if fortunes have changed for the better or worse.

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