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Hey Rookie! Welcome to the NFL!

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Blackattack87, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Blackattack87

    Blackattack87 First In Last Out

    Feb 11, 2012
    NFL Network followed several prospective draftees in the days and hours leading up to the NFL draft. These are their stories......

    Trent Platt gets off the the airplane at JFK. His 2 hour flight from South Carolina was bumpy.."Man I don't be liking that turbulence, ya know what Im saying", Platt proclaims as he walks thru the terminal. To say he has an entourage is an understatement. Platt has already been told by the Buffalo Bills that he will be the number one pick, and he has the swagger already that comes with it. Platt exits the United Terminal and he and his twenty or so underlings jump in the biggest hummer limo this reporter has ever seen.......

    Avius Allen is marveling at the New York skyline as he and his father take in a tour on the double decker bus as it putts around Manhattan. "Man this city is large yo! I mean large, but cold as hell!!" Allen is a highly touted player from Miami and is expected to be drafted in the first round of a very deep WR class. Allen though thinks he is as good as Platt. "Aint nothing he can do that I cant." Allen is not short on confidence as we pull up to ground zero. His arrogant demeanor changes in an instant when the freedom tower and reflection pools come into view. This somber scene can do that to the best of them.

    Stephen Diaz flicks the ugly stick rod with deft ease just as he flicks the pigskin. Its a serene scene as the lure ploops in the water on misty Lake Thunderbird just southeast of Oklahoma City. The Shimano 3000 ultra light reel will surely be tested with the large mouth bass that lurk in this majestic body of water. He is where he loves to be. Fishing on the lake with his two younger brothers. Stephen's father started this tradition when he was young and Diaz is keeping it alive with his younger siblings. Stephen has taken on the role of father figure as the patriarch of the three died suddenly of a heartattack at 53. "My only regret is that my dad won't see me play in the NFL, I know he's watching tho." Diaz is reflective, very. This kid gets it at the young age of 22. I dont care who I play for, whoever drafts me will get the hardest working kid ever. I am excited.

    Jamario Ward is fast, really fast. He is one of the top backs in the draft. He likes the fast lane with his clothes too. Currently we are in the upper west side of Manhattan and he is getting a suit tailored specifically for draft day. "I Like modern classic." says Ward proudly. Whatever that is. He is looking at himself in the mirror intently. "This suit has to be perfect, ya feel me, perfect." The suit tho, I must say is impressive, has to be 5K but doesn't hold a candle to the gawdy blinding watch he has on his wrist. " I know Moorhouse is good. But I feel I'm an overall more balanced back. " He blurts this statement out as though he was asked, but he wasn't, I guess he just assumes at some point someone will ask him. So I guess maybe he is rehearsing. He says this all the while never taking his eyes away from that mirror.

    Cam Czaplewski was not even going to attend the draft. As a matter of fact it wasn't until a few days before the draft that he was even projected to be drafted on the first day. A late trade by the Panthers dumping Cam Newton has so called draft experts predicting not only will he go in the first round but be picked by Carolina with one of their two first round draft picks. CamZA as he is referred to by his buddies shattered records at BYU and the fact that a Panthers team jet was seen at Salt Lake International last week has the draft pundits buzzing."All this new attention is overwhelming, I just want to be able to show people I can play, I will work hard and do my best."...This kid breeds humility. Easy to see as the son of a goat farmer from the beautiful Cache Valley of northeastern Utah. His father is now a prominent Bishop in the Mormon church and Cam has pretty much been the model kid growing up..

    DRAFT DAY..........

    The crowd is going crazy as Roger Goodell introduces the draft. The families and players crowd the green room backstage as the excitement mounts...As expected, Trent Platt doesn't have to wait long. With the first pick of the 2014 draft...>The Buffalo Bills select......Trent Platt WR Clemson. The crowd goes wild. Platt puts down his cell phone and is almost tackled by his exuberant mother, a group family hugs proceeds, pure joy from the inner city kid from Philly. He is all smiles as he walks to the podium and bear hugs the commish.

    Picks two and three are held by the Cards and they scoop up LB Bollinger and RB Moorhouse. Everyone knew that the Cards would take a RB and the fact that it isn't Jamario Ward isn't sitting well with him. He is clearly bothered but he is putting on a good face with the cameras pointing at him...

    Carolina holds the 4th pick. The rumors are Carolina will take Czaplewski, the question is with what pick. Mel Kiper and McShay can be heard debating that at 4 it would be a reach for Cam Czaplewki here. The camera switches back to the green room and Cams phone has just rang.... A big smile overcomes him. This looks like it could be it.... Goodell comes to the podium. With 4th pick in the 2014 draft, The Carolina Panthers select Cam Czaplewski...QB....BYU. Wow there it is!!! Cheers and gasps abound as the projected third rounder goes 4th overall! This is not lost on the consensus best QB in the draft as Stephen Diaz takes it in stride. His time will come. But when? Then next 4 or 5 teams don't need a QB, will he slip ala Brady Quinn and Aaron Rodgers??

    Wait a minute we are at pick 7 and there is a buzz overtaking the crowd. I see the experts pressing on their ear pieces. WOW! A trade has been announced...The New York Jets have moved into the 7 spot. QB is clearly a need here......Yes, Stephen Diaz is at his table tears streaming down his face his two younger brothers and mom are bawling. What a touching moment. He is on the phone. He was just heard saying... Thank you Coach Petty, I will make u proud. He looks skyward and mutters something we can only imagine is to his late father. A private moment indeed. Stephen Diaz is a New York Jet.

    Picks 8, 9, 10, 11, go by. Jamario Ward is looking nervous. He is biting his nails and looks uncomfortable. He undoubtedly thought he would be gone by now. Pick 12 comes and goes and nothing. The New York Giants are on the clock and seems RB is not a need here.... Here comes Goodell.....With the 13th pick in the 2014 draft the New York Giants select....>Jamario Ward RB Montana. There u go! You can never predict what happens here! Ward puts his face in his hands and his dad grabs him yelling.: I told you man!" I told you'!!.. Ward has a huge sense of relief. He is practically jogging towards Goodell to get his cap and pose for the photo. Its been a long journey for the young man from Billings, Montana and an even longer more exciting journey awaits him..

    The mood is not good, not good at all for Avius Allen, he has had several WR's go before him. He is clearly despondent thinking now he may slip to the second round. Pick 18 just went and the Panthers used their second pick in the first round to take WR John Jean-Louis.. Allen has been escorted to a private room backstage to save the kid any more embarrassment.. Pick 24 is up and the 49ers are on the clock.... Most think they will go QB here so lets see....With the 24th pick of the 2014 draft the SF 49ers select.......Avius Allen WR........Finally, Finally. It was a long wait but way worth it as Allen has been drafted by the NFC West juggernaut. The cameras catch him as he exits the private room. He defiantly talks to the camera. " Gonna prove all yall wrong that passed on me! Belee dat!!" .......As he swags his way thru radio city music hall.

    So there you go. These five men and their journey to the NFL has begun. Where it will take each one of them is anyone's guess. There are many paths one can take in their nomadic trek through an NFL career, and there are many variables to take into account. Skill, luck, opportunity, timing just to name a few. We wish these men luck in their quest....

    Blackmon Jamison......NFL Network

    Papa Perry
    Cole Copeland
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  2. SteamboatReb

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Black is f'ing bringing it.
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  3. Trailerparkwifi

    Trailerparkwifi Mr. Irrelevant

    Aug 18, 2012
    I hear ya Black! Good stuff
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  4. cadepetty247

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Great writeup black
  5. NeuroticTruth

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    Nov 30, 2011
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    Awesome stuff! Great read.
  6. BobJr

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    Jun 3, 2010
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    Black my man..greatness..

    Keep this up!
  7. Blackattack87

    Blackattack87 First In Last Out

    Feb 11, 2012
    Thx Man.
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