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HK Media Days: New York Giants

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by controllerabuser, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009


    The NFC East now has 3 stud QB's in Michael Vick(Philadelphia), Tony Romo(Dallas) and Washington's newest addition, RG3. Where does Tony Romo stack up against these guys?
    I'd like to point out that you said 3 stud QB's, but didn't mention the defending Super Bowl MVP. As far as where Romo stacks up with the NFC East talent, I'd put him 2nd out of the 4. RG3 is unproven, and Vick is a Injury Report nightmare. If Romo could win some games, it'd be by a landslide, but I just think right now, Eli is above and beyond.

    Who concerns you the most of the 3 users in the NFC East? Team wise, who gives you the most problems?
    All 3 opponents are talented and experienced. Each roster has pros and cons. I think in a head to head matchup with us and each opponent, Bob and the Cowboys may be the biggest threat, because he'll want to beat me more than anything. Roster wise, I think it's the Eagles, only because of the threat of Vick and their defense is pretty good. Washington is just a giant question mark right now.

    Defending Champions, what are your chances at repeating in HK Season 1? If not, what do you need in order to do so?
    We have to get through an absolute gauntlet of a schedule. Not only do we play through a tough division, but we play Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Atlanta. All of which are HK Veterans who are not easy at all. Then add to that we have TSO regulars in Baltimore, Green Bay, and Cincy. The only other team I have mentioned is Carolina, who is an unknown right now, but has a very talented roster.
    For us to repeat, we have to show our muscle in this schedule and get through it. We could easily be below .500, just because of the talent we face on the sidelines. We do have an upper hand in some of these matchups with our roster, but that is it and it is proven that you don't need a talented roster to win in this league.

    Have you suffered any key losses since last season?
    Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs do hurt because of their specific situation roles, but we believe we have filled those holes. Aaron Ross is another loss that effects the team, but we believe we have the pieces to fill those holes.

    What if any major additions have you guys had since last season?
    The obvious would be rookies David Wilson, Reuben Randle, and Jayron Hosley to fill the holes mentioned above. LB Keith Rivers is also a big pick up for our LB group, which has been an area of concern. We are hoping that the acquisition of TE Martellus Bennett proves to be a positive one. Time will tell.

    How would you grade your draft? Was there anybody that you felt you reached on? Any players you would have like to have gotten?
    Honestly, I'll give it a B. We picked last and got BPA for a need in Wilson. We then got talent in Randle. BPA was pretty much how we went through the draft and I think we got quality. We got a TE in the 4th in Adrien Robinson which was a need and we picked up a couple of OTs in Mosley and McCants the next two rounds, which is the only reason I give this a B. We needed an OT and waited, but I do believe the talent that was available and that we took was better, even if we could have waited. I think getting DT Kuhn late could prove to be a really quality pick late in the draft.

    Is there anyone during training camp that has disappointed you? How about impressed?
    We have been very impressed with our rookies David Wilson and Jayron Hosley. Both guys have been better than expected. WR Ramses Barden and WR Jernigan have also impressed us, giving us a deep WR group.
    As for disappointment, I think I'd like to see more production out of our LBs. Greg Jones and Mark Herzlich should be the ones battling for the starting MLB spot, but Jones has just not shown what he is capable of. We are hoping he gets sparked to show up.

    Who is the better Cowboy? Cadepetty or Bobjr?
    Well, we haven't played Cowboy Bob yet and Cowboy Cade was pretty good...however, I think Bob will be much more of a straight shooter...
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  2. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    Cimmy24, the 1st question was actually the one I had for BobJr. I was supposed to twist it around, my mistake.

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