HK Members in a few words....

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    Jun 17, 2013
    BobJr - The King of the world
    Ryty - The prince of HK, and a poor browns fan

    uagrad90 - HK's official, official

    @MG G_T_G - Twins where MG always finishes last

    bigtubb_ - The professor

    controllerabuser - wrestling dad

    thirdalarm - crazy fireman

    thegman2.0 - Ladies man

    pitt4life21 - The gates Bros worst nightmare

    Hitmhrd72 - my fellow Gator

    Coach_III - Valdosta Native

    broth262 - Maryland Groupie

    Mogriffjr - Best singer I know/don't know

    smlVICTORIES53 - poor Tennessee fan, king of trolling

    xxkimura - one word ( steroids )

    Danthraxxx - Leaves chat monthy, only to be back asap

    Zikry - Egyptian, American

    Blaza - Hoes ( my hero )

    NeuroticTruth - Dugout guy, and LSU fan in Gainesville

    Jmustang1968 - still thinks he only drives a mustang

    Ehmo Van - Super smart college kid

    HotRod - super smart, yet somehow a Seminole fan

    Shaun Mason - The Founder or leader of it all

    KnightNoles - Seminoles Groupie

    JSimms klaximilian - The Q guys

    Championbred38 - YouTube personality

    JFace907 - Alaskan

    ThaBayouChef - Hardest name to tag on list, kept spelling it Thebayouchef

    Jeffrey Hartle - Chat king who needs a life
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