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HK Season 6 Storylines

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Mogriffjr, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Mogriffjr

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    ---Pretty much unprecedented if it happens but the Redskins are going for the 4-peat. The Skins are the model franchise in HK by maintaining great players in their prime while acquiring young talent to bring up to become key contributors during the season. RG3, aka the most durable QB of all-time, returns to lead the charge and will likely be relied on more than ever to take this team back to the promise land. He will shoulder a bit more of the load as DeSean Jackson wasn’t retained last offseason and Alfred Morris is now a step slower. The Skins will try to take former Jet, Blake “the Hitman” Hart, and make him the next great RB, something he couldn’t do for NY. But he’s running behind arguably the best offensive line in HK. The defense is led by Sean Taylor clone, Doral Russell, and a bunch of monsters that remind us that the skins are not to be f****d with. Mr. Lord of the Rings wants more apparantly....

    ---Another offseason goes by, another trade involving JJ Watt…I mean what’s the deal with this guy being dealt? Arguably one of the best defensive linemen in HK, Watt is being traded around like a guy without a home. He now resides in Tampa where he’ll team up with Dillon Quick and Mr. Alva and make the “edge sting” more deadlier than ever. Look for Tampa to be among the best in sacking the QB.

    ---Word around town is many GM’s feel the Steelers record last year was rather “flukey”…and armed with some sim wins, the Steelers made it to the AFC championship game before losing to the Jets. There’s no denying what the Steelers do…they have a very potent passing attack led by Cory Richardson and a top notch TE target in Eric Strong “doe.” But the development of their running attack has been key in their revival of being a top team in the AFC. Is Amari Bynes, a converted WR, the real deal?

    ---New Englanders are calling for Chad’s head after a rather lackluster offseason went by, and not much improvement was made to the team. Stevan Ridley, arguably the man responsible for the Patriots success was let go and is now a Texan. In his spot, James White, Lache Seastrunk, and some guy named Jamerius Scruggs (WHO?) will share carries. The Pats drafted Cory White, a QB with great speed…does that signal a more read option-heavy like attack? Said one anonymous GM, “they have no direction and they basically gave away studs like Hendrix and McClure for peanuts on the dollar…they have checked out.” OUCH.

    ---Frustration showed when NeuroticTruth demanded a release from his contract and was granted (in due part to his division foes)…he’s now the coach of the NY Giants, and in a division owned by the Redskins for the last 5 seasons of HK. How much rage will one endure playing the powerhouse Skins? Or air-Guy and his Eagles? Or the talent laden Cowboys? Hope it was worth it!

    ---Yes the best RB in the league, Arie Asante was traded. Marshalls coach MG pulled off the deal and traded Asante to a team many felt didn’t need him (and we say this because the Rams don’t need more weapons amrite?). The Rams will surely do more with Asante and the best back in the league was quite delighted to be traded to the Rams where he has a shot at the title. Speaking of the Rams, they let their franchise QB go, mostly due to his “outrageous contract demands.” The Rams simply wasn’t willing to pay up that much money. Enter Derek Carr, the former Bear who just ran out his welcome with Bears brass (seem familiar?). If there’s a team that can knock off the Skins, the Rams certainly have a shot.

    ---Jordan Espinosa was the big prize waiting in FA and he certainly raked in the cash. Jacksonville came knocking on his door the minute FA was open and it was a match made in heaven. Hell, Jacksonville even offered Espinosa to change their name to the Jordanville Jaguars. The Jags, now under a new coaching staff, was looking to make waves and they certainly have done that. Let’s see what JE can do to turn around this franchise.

    Hard Knocks
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    Dec 10, 2009
    Fluke, I got they damn fluke.
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    Jul 6, 2009
    FAILcons are going to take the Souffth

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