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HK Team Report card: Mid-Term edition

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by thirdalarm, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. thirdalarm

    thirdalarm Walk On

    Jun 13, 2012
    Post up how you would grade your teams performance so far by position as well as what needs improvement......

    Over all grade
    Special Teams
    User performance
    User CEO moves/skills
    O Line
    D Line
    What are you planning on doing to improve these areas
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  2. thirdalarm

    thirdalarm Walk On

    Jun 13, 2012

    Thirdalarm-Miami Dolphins
    Over all grade- C+ I predicted a 5-11 season out of the gates and im right on pace at 3-5 so far.
    Offense- C- Missing Tannehill for the first 5 weeks due to injury hurt with HKs second best QB named "Brady" at the helm.
    Defense- B- The Miami secondary has been hard to deal with for opposing offenses but the lack of time of possession has hurt the defense so far.
    Special Teams- C nothing bad or good has come from the special team so far.
    User performance- C While Third has kept a steady BPG (Beer per game) right around 7.3 in the first half of the season it could improve as summer comes to a screeching halt and fall and cold weather kick in. But 3-5 is tolerable for now.
    User CEO moves/skills- D While this is a new release, research of XP is fairly new and everyone is getting a feel of the game, Third was gone for much of the initial release up until three days before the official start due to Californias wild fires. The CEO moves have been silent as it is only season 1 but the plans for Miami are to bring in another elite WR via trade/free agency/draft.
    QB- B- As stated earlier Tannehill was absent due to injury but in his return he has not "F'd it up" so far with massive turnovers
    RB- B- CEO/Stick man/Owner Thirdalarm handed Lamar Miller the starting job from day one despite the veteran presence of Knowshon Moreno, so he is on point to not disappoint so far. He needs much improvement but that is something Third can work on.
    WR- B- Wallace is the only WR who has made his name known so far. His big play ability showed in the win vs the Bolts this past week
    TE- A- Charles Clay has not let anything slip through his hands yet, becoming one of the strong points of Miami's focal points
    O Line- C Pouncey at Center is the anchor, Albert at LT is on the decline, and the rest of the Line is just simply young.
    D Line- C+ What was thought to be an immoveable object has been anything but allowing lots of yards right up the gut
    LBs- B+ Thirds man crush on former #5 overall pick Legacy player MLB Arion Croaker continues
    DBs- A This has been the rock for Miami this release Veteran Cortland Finnegan and Ben Grimes have been epic so far
    What are you planning on doing to improve these areas
    ? HK knows Third will be frugal , draft well and show up around season 3
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  3. Ryty

    Ryty Over the Cap

    Jul 19, 2009
    Team/User - The Cleveland Browns/Ry
    Over all grade - B+ - Anytime winning record and Cleveland "anything" are in the same sentence, it has to be a decent grade.
    Offense - C+ - My offense is really based around one person - Schon Moorhouse. I will have to get some sort of passing game going if I want to make the playoffs. People are starting to catch up to the Moorhouse offense (i.e. the Bucs in my last game).
    Defense - B - We are #1 in the league against the run and 26th against the pass. Though I think many of the pass defense issues are due to teams having to throw from trailing in the 2nd half, it is still an issue.
    Special Teams - C - No kick or punt returns for TD's and a decent field goal kicker. C.
    User performance - B - 6-2 but I have a talented team.
    User CEO moves/skills - A - I'm making money. This is a huge change from last year when I was "too big to fail".
    QB - C - Manziel's best attribute this season has been handing the ball off. I need to run more with him.
    RB - A - Moorhouse falls forward for 2-3 yards per carry. He's a beast.
    WR - C - I have Gordon and ............
    TE - A - Cameron is a star. The only problem - he turned down my latest contract offer. He will see a tag in his future.
    O Line - A - Mack and Thomas are really good and we lead the league in rushing.
    D Line - A - Sacking the QB and stopping the run. I'm happy.
    LBs - C - Good against the run, shitty against the pass. I need to work on this unit in the offseason.
    DBs - C- - Besides a few interceptions, Gilbert is the weak link in the secondary. Strange the game imitates real life.
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  4. G_T_G


    Jul 21, 2010
    Team/User: GTG - Patriots
    Over all grade: B
    C - There are some tools, but we haven't put it all together yet. Things will need to change if we are going to make any noise in the postseason (if we get there).
    Defense: B+ - talented group that I won't take too much credit for. They do their job, for the most part.
    Special Teams: B - Solid. No Complaints.
    User performance: D - many mistakes on my end.
    User CEO moves/skills: B - We are making money, so there's that.
    QB: D - I'm unintentionally forcing Brady into an early retirement.
    RB: B+ - Ridley (power) and Vereen (quick) are a very solid 1-2 punch.
    WR: C - Been better as of late, but Edelman is too short to get anything down the field unless wide open, LaFell is too slow to beat most secondaries, and Amendola is usually hurt.
    TE: A - Gronk hasn't gotten hurt yet. Success!
    O Line: B - Solid. Happy I traded for Michael Roos.
    D Line: B - Good against the run, but would like to see some better pass rush.
    LBs: B - Good against the run, but need to find more success on blitzes and in coverage.
    DBs: A - Revis, Browner and McCourtey. Deep on CBs. I walked into a great secondary situation.

    What are you planning on doing to improve these areas

    Practice, practice, practice. Need to feel more comfortable (and have more confidence) passing, and develop a more consistent pass rush.
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  5. bigtubb_

    bigtubb_ Walk On

    Dec 10, 2009
    Team/User: Steelers - Bigtubb_
    Overall grade: B
    Offense: B
    - We have had several injuries on the offensive side of the ball. Our starting QB Ben Roethlisburger, Backup QB Matt Barkley, Starting LT Mike Adams, and Starting WR Lance Moore. Yet we have weathered the storm and put together a top 10 offense. We are currently ranked 5th in offense. However, there is still room for improvement. Our running game has real issues. We are also not balanced on offense. We need to get more guys involved in the offense.
    Defense: A - The defense is the driving force for this team. The offense has put up great numbers largely because the defense has been stellar so far this season. We are currently ranked top 5 in defense. While a person could argue we could easily fall from 4th to 10th on the list with regard to yards given up, the fact remains that we have forced 25 turnovers. We are young but quite fast.
    Special Teams: C - Punter is good. Kicker has issues.
    User performance: B - Although I've had issues with my quarterbacks, that is no excuse for losing 2 games I should have won.
    User CEO moves/skills: A - I have 30.5M in funds and I made two moves acquiring Matt Barkley and Carson Palmer which has keep me competitive before and while Big Ben were out that has kept me in the hunt for the division. I also got rid Mike Mitchell and William Gay and acquired Nickell Robey a true nickel mam-to-man corner for the rest of the release. FS Shamarko Thomas and Legacy player Derius Barnaby will be my new defensive backfield when Troy Polamalu retires.
    QB: C - They have to do better.
    RB: C+ - Bell and Archer have to do better. Although Archer catches more passes than normal he still has to produce
    WR: B - Antonio is the one man wrecking crew. The other guys need to step up.
    TE: B - Miller is old and slow but is reliable and gets the job done.
    O Line: D - Terrible. The OL can't run or pass block. They are my weakness on offense. They have given up 19 sacks and allowed 2 quarterbacks to get severely injured. The running game is almost non-exsist except for one game this season.
    D Line: F - The D Line has to improve their overall play. They have combined for 3 sacks and 49 tackles in 9 games. Terrible.
    LBs: A - Good against the run and pass. OLB's need more sacks but they are my strength on Defense
    DBs: B+ - They are good. Not great but get the job done.

    What are you planning on doing to improve these areas?

    Game Prep for now.
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  6. Danthraxxx

    Danthraxxx Walk On

    Mar 17, 2011
    Team - Seahawks
    Over all grade - F

    Offense - C Averaging 21 points per game, good for 13th in the league. We are 22nd in passing yardage and 11th in rushing yardage. We are 1st in least turnovers. Seems like the offense is decent on paper.
    Defense - D Pass defense has been poor , compound that with 2nd to last number of sacks and that will never end up stellar. The bright side is we are a top 5 rushing defense however.
    Special Teams - C Pretty run of the mill in special teams so far.
    User performance - F- Best team in the game and we are 3-5* (was leading vs Cowboyd before desync, lost sim)
    User CEO moves/skills - C Nothing really done so far , added RT David Stewart off waiver wire. Yet to re-sign anyone per lack of income :(
    QB B+ Russ has been on and off, of which I can't blame most of it on him. The pass protection has been awful , allowing Wilson to get sacked 28 times through 8 games. The 73% pass completion has been nice but I have to throw short or get sacked.
    RB A- Beastmode has been easily my best performer on offense. On pace for over 1200 yards rushing and a 5.3 YPC average. If I can somehow hold a lead or get one he will get more carries.
    WR - C- So far Harvin is the only WR with multiple touchdowns on the year, these guys are killing me so far this year. Might look to upgrade in FA or the draft.
    TE - Incomplete So far good production from the group but Zach Miller just coming off injury for 5 weeks has yet to make much of a mark.
    O Line - F literally , F these guys. I pass protect better IRL. Might be looking here come draft time.
    D Line - B- These guys are starting to get it going , rookie legacy player Brian Vallere not getting much playing time, if the losses continue that might change.
    LBs - A- No surprise here , Wags leads the team in tackles and Irvin in TFL. Those two have also combined for 3 INT's , KJ Choi .... errr Wright (golf joke) yet to do much beyond turn down my contract extensions.
    DBs - D The Legion of Cybil here , these guys were lights out vs the Rams , but in my other games they have looked very , very ordinary. Hopefully if we can get some more pass rush going the can force some turnovers in the second half of the season.
    What are you planning on doing to improve these areas? - Cheese my freaking ass off :D . Actually things are not that bad , of my 4 losses only one has been by more than 7 point (8 point loss to Raiders). If we can find some kind of pass rush and get our own passing game in order we might be able to make a wildcard run.
  7. thegman2.0

    thegman2.0 Walk On

    Jan 30, 2012
    just keep working on stuff man I want be good player for this league and make good things happen for everyone
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  8. Zikry

    Zikry Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Everyone is lights out vs the Rams Danthraxxx we live to improve the opposing secondary's confidence.
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  9. G_T_G


    Jul 21, 2010
    Dan trolling with the white text.
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  10. broth262

    broth262 Dirty Terps

    Dec 30, 2010
    Featured Threads:
    Team/User - San Diego Super Chargers
    Over all grade - B
    Offense - B
    Defense - B
    Special Teams - B
    User performance - B
    User CEO moves/skills - N/A (Haven't made any moves)
    QB - B+ (Rivers has looked good, has missed some passes and has struggled of late. Between the 20's, he has been lights out, but his redzone offense has been more than lacking)
    RB - B (Matthews has looked great at times, but has recently succumb to fumbilitis)
    WR - B (Keenan Allen has been amazing in his Sophomore season, outisde of that, the rest of the corps has struggled to get open)
    TE - A (Green and Gates have both been playing great football and have been a nice crutch for Rivers to lean on)
    O Line - C+ (The line has kept Rivers pretty much upright and has been able to open up some running lanes for Matthews, but too many untimely sacks and unable to open up holes in short yardage/goalline situations has held this unit back)
    D Line - B- (The line has played spectacular at times, but it is young and still has room for growth. Expect this line to develop into a top 10 line in the near future, but for now will have some ups and downs)
    LBs - C+ (Freeney has been able to develop quite the pass rush and has been a nice addition to this corps, but Ingram and Butler are still young, and the addition of Erin Henderson hasn't helped much. This unit has been a weakness for this defense.)
    DBs - B- (The bar wasn't set very high for this unit do to its youth, but Jason Verett and Eric Weddle have both been very effective in the secondary. The rest of the unit has lacked.)
    What are you planning on doing to improve these areas
    The draft and Free Agency will be very big for the Chargers this offseason. This year's team should be able to compete, but if the right additions can be made, this team could be one of the best in the NFL.
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  11. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
    Featured Threads:
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  12. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    Team/User- Colts
    Over all grade D Struggles with turnovers and abandoning the run game have hurt us.
    Offense- D, supposed to be the strong point of the team, but I'm destroying Andrew Luck right now.
    Defense- C . Subpar unit. Not sure where we rank statistically but as much as we turn the ball over and our lack of focus running the football, we see alot of defensive snaps.
    Special Teams- C . Nothing outstanding or anything that sticks out.
    User performance- D- Had a couple really good games but nothing consistent. The team lacks identity, my play calling and decision making has been subpar
    User CEO moves/skills- Yet to be determined
    QB- F No other grade can go here. I have been horrible with the prodigy and trying to keep him afloat is killing my development of other players.
    RB- B . Surprisingly we have ran the ball effectively but can stick with it. Poor coaching is leaving alot on the table here.
    WR- C . Traded Reggie Wayne and
    TE- C . Fleener and Allen could be alot better combination, it's up to me to utilize them properly.
    O Line- B . Pressure isn't the reason for my offensive troubles. They are doing ok in run blocking. Really I think they are kind of over achieving considering ratings.
    D Line- D . Some space fillers here. Definitely an area that needs improvement
    LBs- B . Mathis and Jackson have been pretty good for me.
    DBs- C . They hold their own considering ratings.
    What are you planning on doing to improve these areas
    ? Keep plugging away. I have a vacation coming up and I plan on hitting Madden really hard. This game is way more rhythm based and I have to get better at sustaining drives and not forcing the ball.
  13. xxkimura

    xxkimura Walk On

    Aug 12, 2013
    Team/User - 49ers
    Over all grade - B+
    Offense - C+
    Defense - A-
    Special Teams - C-
    User performance - C Eh I'm the 9ers, can't brag much.
    User CEO moves/skills - B+ Highly debated, but I love my one trade and it has paid off for me. Hayden is my best DB and Moore leads my WRs in yardage. The switch to 4-3 is also working out well.

    QB - C- Kaep has more INTs and TDs and isn't asked to do to much, 25th in the league in passing yardage. That said he has kept some plays alive with his legs and ran for big yardage on run plays. Wouldn't rely on my passing to win me many games if I was in that situation .
    RB - B- Run game is a top 10 unit, Gore is hurt but Hyde ran for over a 100 yards in his first start
    WR - C+ Underutilized more then anything, strong core that make plays when called upon.
    TE - A- Davis is Davis, would be higher if the depth gave anything. Carrier's aware to low to capitalize on his blazing speed.
    O Line - C+ Run game is good, pass protection could be better. Brandon Thomas is a stud
    D Line - A- The front 7 is the strength of this team. The starting 4 has almost produced 30 sacks so far.
    LBs - A - Willis/Bowman/Brooks. Can't ask for much more, team is 3rd in the league in rushing defense
    DBs - B- The so called weakness of the team, DJ Hayden is 2nd in the league in INTs and they have held together well enough. A strong pass rush/run stopping front 7 takes some pressure off of them.

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