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HK_Mayock's 2018 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Mogriffjr, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Mogriffjr

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    1- EAGLES- QB Lamar Jackson- Eagle fans already had the Mike Vick experience, well we expect the Eagles to take Lamar and have part deux, this time, the Lamar Jackson experience.

    2- COLTS- RT Ryan Ramcyzk- The Colts roster isn’t in bad shape at all, just the coaching was mediocre. With that said, they need to continue to build that OLine and take the best T available.

    3- CHARGERS- CB Minkah Fitzpatrick- Despite the issues along the offensive line, the Chargers are said to be in love with Fitzy here, and he’d become one of the top shut down corners in HK when he does.

    4- SAINTS- RB D’onta Foreman- This pick has some bias because the Saints owner is a Texas fan, and Foreman maybe the best all-around back in the draft. It just seems to make sense here.

    5- LIONS- CB Quincy Wilson- Ever since Slay-Gate, Coach Cole has been trying to find corner help. Fitz may have been their #1, but Wilson isn’t a bad choice here.

    6- REDSKINS- DE CeCe Jefferson- The Skins have a huge void on that defensive line and they need to generate some sort of a pass rush. Jefferson rates as possibly the best pass rusher in the draft.

    7- RAMS- WR Calvin Ridley- With only 3 WR’s on the roster, and only Austin being a legit threat, Goff needs some weapons badly. So why not grab the best WR on the board?

    8- RAIDERS- T Conor McDermott- The Raiders have begun rebuilding and in the last draft, spent some high picks developing a strong offensive line. They continue to build taking a powerful kid who can anchor with Cam Robinson for years to come.

    9- BILLS- DE Arden Key- The DE position is dearth of talent, with only Jerry Hughes worthy of note, not to mention a few projects behind him. Key instantly gives the Bills an infusion of speed and pass rushing ability to jumpstart a mediocre defense

    10- STEELERS (VIA CIN)- DT Daylon Mack- Any 3-4 needs a strong NT type, and the Steelers are in need...well, Mack not only is strong enough to hold up, but he’s quick and very agile...he’d be a unique and yet savvy pick to bolster the heart of that defense.

    11- TEXANS- CB Jordan Thomas- A Pitt team ain’t a pitt team unless it involves man and press. Well Thomas has the best man cover and tied as the best press corner in this draft. It’s a match made in heaven.


    13- GIANTS- OLB Malik Jefferson- Hooker would be a great choice here, but they need a stupid fast LB to come behind this great wall of defensive linemen and become great. With 92 speed, he’d wreck havoc all over the field.

    14- JAGUARS- CB Marshon Lattimore- Ramsey needs a guy to help shut down in the secondary, Lattimore would fit lovely as a #2 corner alongside Ramsey.

    15- PATRIOTS- DE Sam Hubbard- Garrett didn’t dissappoint with 12.5 sacks in his first season...now it’s time to compliment Garrett with a guy who can bring heat from the other end.

    16- SEAHAWKS- T Mitch Hyatt- It would behoove the Seahawks to try and protect their prized asset...you know, that guy, Russell Wilson...

    17- LIONS- WR John Ross- The Lions literally have NO playmakers on their offense...so grabbing Ross here would give them the fastest guy in this draft, and someone who can stretch the field big time for their offense

    18- RAIDERS- DT Eddie Vanderdoes- The Raiders believe in building those lines up, this time they go on the defensive and grab a guy who can prevent RB’s running right through their defense like it’s swiss cheese.

    19- VIKINGS- RB Curtis Samuel- An end of an era came as AP officially moved on to greener pastures. It leaves the Vikings to find the next guy...well Samuel is a swiss army knife in that he can line up in the backfield and beat you with his blazing speed, but also he’s an excellent pass catcher.

    20- PANTHERS- CB Sidney Jones- The Panthers are in need of secondary help and Jones can slot right in, as one of the highest zone rated corners in the draft.

    21- RAVENS- WR Christian Kirk- The Ravens could have their offense evolve to the 21st centery with the addition of Kirk alongside Perriman. Kirk is a top notch downfield threat that can help Flacco a ton.

    22- BUCCANEERS- FS Malik Hooker- Getting a talent like Hooker here probably makes Bouncer giddy...wouldn’t you?

    23- TEXANS (VIA ARI)- S Derwin James- The Texans continue to re-work their secondary, this time getting a big time FS who fits in perfectly with the Pitt-way.

    24- CHIEFS- DE/OLB TJ Watt- I’m not sure if Watt will end up on the defensive line, but grabbing him here seems like a no brainer. It would combine him with Justin Houston...yikes.

    25- TITANS- RB Saquon Barkley- Murray is getting old and Hillman isn’t the long term answer. Barkley would immediately help a Titans team that was 1 point away from reaching the AFC title game.

    26- PACKERS- RB Alvin Kamara- Burroughs was a good story and all, but it’s time to get Rodgers a guy he can really rely on and help that play action pass. Kamara checks all the boxes.

    27- 49ERS- OLB Darrius Winters- Bowman being placed on the block makes me think the
    Niners want to draft his replacment. Winters is a speedy LB and a great compliment to Cravens.

    28- BRONCOS- TE Cam Serigne- Pitta is getting long in the tooth and maybe in his last season. Serigne can come and become the #1 TE in this offense.

    29- FALCONS- G Quentin Nelson- Nelson may very well fall this far, and the Falcons need interior line help.

    30- STEELERS- CB Iman Marshall- William Gay is getting OLD...they need someone to fill in once he steps away, Marshall is one of the last big CB’s on the board.

    31- DOLPHINS- RB Derrius Guice- The Lance Dunbar experiment has gone on long enough...it’s time to grab a big time RB. Guice would be an instant upgrade for one of the top offenses in HK.

    32- COWBOYS- QB Josh Rosen- Palmer is still ticking but in the meantime, the Cowboys can draft their QB of the future and let him develop...Rosen and Zeke...sheesh.
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  2. smlVICTORIES53

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Some interesting picks
  3. Coach_III

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    Dec 6, 2010

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  4. G_T_G


    Jul 21, 2010
    Wish I got kirk :(
  5. KnightNoles

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    Jul 6, 2009

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