HK's Early top 3 QBs

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    Phillip Rivers - "Back In 09 Form"
    Rivers leads the pack in passing with 1748 yards so far this season. He ranks 2nd in YPA with a very nice 9.1 average and is completing over 60% of his passes. For a guy who was looking more like Brandon Weeden then Tom Brady a few years ago owner Cimmy has really helped turn Rivers back into a top QB posting a respectable 94.9 QB rating this season

    Jack Locker - "Really?!"
    You could say Jake Locker is the most surprising canidate on this list, but you can't argue with his stats. He has been the #1 QB in the league and is leading in TDs 17, QBR 133.8, YPA 13.7 (holy shit), and completion % 68. What makes his YPA even more impressive is that it more then doubles other QBs in the leagues like Terrelle Pryor's and Aaron Rodgers. Locker is a big reason the Rams offense has gone from a joke to the leagues elite this season, and his strong arm paired with young speedy WRs seems to be a recipe for success for owner JMustang.

    Mike Glennon - "The Game Manager // He's lucky he's a QB because he looks like a giraffe"
    Glennon doesn't put up huge passing numbers, but he protects the ball and is efficenat when Rhight calls his number. He has 12 TDs vs only 4 INTs and is 2nd in the league with a 114.4 QB rating. He is 22nd in the league in pass attempts with only 121 so far this year which has kept his yardage down, but he is completing 67.8% of his passes when the Bucs do let it fly. Easy for us to say he should get the chance to throw the ball more, with a ring on his finger I'm sure Glennon is happy with his situation even if he could be used a little more.

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    What is that dog up to in the Glennon picture????
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    you notice ...the dog
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