HOF: Big Game: LSU vs. Flordia

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    Nov 7, 2010
    This week we have a great match up between LSU/Stiffy and Florida/Titan.....the HOF staff has put together an analysis of the game....

    LSU: Coach Stiffy was bascially born with the sticks in his hand.....very deceptive player.....his defense is tough...doesn't say much...other than trash talking with Coach Fred, the Champ.....

    Florida: Coach Titan is fast walking, trash talking...we love the guys energy that he brings to the league...he walks his talk

    How the teams break down;

    Rankings: HOF LSU is 2 and Florida is 4....LSU has had 2 big wins vs. UGA/UW...in user games...Florida has yet to play a user game...

    The Coaches Poll has them LSU #1 and Florida #5....

    Strength of schedule: LSU, mainly on the user games...always an unknown, after that its a toss up

    Offense: Both teams have scored a ton of pts....rumor has it that Coach Titan loves the big stats, moves him up in the polls!

    Passing: Slight edge to LSU, although neither team has had to pass much.....LSU has thrown more Ints, along with more TDS

    Running: Edge to Florida...although LSU has had everyone run the ball except the water boy...

    Kicking game: Edge to Florida, has a 50 yarder.....

    Kick Returns; Flordia..has returned 2 for TDS...basically LSU has fewer returns because of their tough defense

    Defense: LSU has allowed 25 pts. in 5 games, two of which were user games...Florida has allowed 48 pts...all cpu games

    LSU has 19 sacks, 11 ints. 5 FR....Florida has 19, 6, 5

    Edge to LSU on defense.....

    HOF Prediction: We asked our cracker jack staff...and their picks;

    The Commish: Picks Florida in an upset....by a TD....Titan rises to the challenge....passing game dominates

    Jo Bob, Maintenance: Picks LSU...likes the fact that Coach Stiffy plays tough D...takes no prisoners...will pick off 3 Florida passes

    Mary Lou, Secretary; Picks Florida because she thinks Coach Titan is cute....well plus she thinks the Florida running game is a real key in this game, Florida by a FG....last 2 minutes

    John Henry, PR: LSU....just as Titan needs to up his game....JH believes that Sitffy is going to put a little extra into the game....wants to stay as the "top young guy in the HOF"

    So its a toss up at HOF HQ.....who are you picking?

    Have great game guys!
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    Sep 30, 2010
    Love it! Jo Bob thinks Driskel is gonna throw 3 picks? He hasnt thrown any in 5 games! lol

    Also, hey Mary Lou ;)

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