HOF Nominee - Dayne Crist (POLL)

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Is Dayne Christ BFR HOF worthy?

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    Jul 19, 2009
    HOF Nominee - Dayne Crist (POLL)

    NCAA Dynasty HOF Application

    Basic Information

    First Name: Dayne
    Last Name: Crist
    Home State: California
    Hometown: Sherman Oaks
    Team: Notre Dame
    Position: QB
    Number: 10
    Year Left Program:2012

    Team Captain: (Y/N) N


    Down 4 to Ohio State in the 4th quarter, Crist hooked up with fellow HOF candidate Deion Walker to give the Irish the lead and the national title.

    Career Stats

    QB Rating: 142.7
    Passing Yards: 9018
    Passing TDs: 62
    Interceptions: 44
    YPG: 176.8
    Completion %: 57.9

    Coach Comments:

    Crist is not going to get into the HOF based on his numbers, which are porous at best. What might get him in is the following: Christ was 24-2 as a starter for coach 2Bits in two years. In that time he led the Irish to two BCS title games, and had one of the all time great performances against a favored Ohio State team in the 2011 BCS Championship.

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